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Resident Evil Revelations - Episode 9, No Exit - Find the PC, startup the power generator, M40A1 rifle and Python Magnum locations

How to complete the opening part of episode nine in Resident Evil Revelations.

Episode 9: No Exit of Resident Evil Revelations has a few pressing objectives - find the PC and starting up the power generator - as well as a few guns to be found; the M40A1 rifle and Python Magnum.

If you need more help, our complete Resident Evil Revelations walkthrough can assist with other sections of the game, including all Handprint locations, Raid mode and unlockables.

Find the PC

Thought you'd seen the last of Quint and Keith? Well think again! At the start of Episode 9, we're back in the frosty climes of the European mountains, and there's work to be done.

Once the cutscene is over, you'll find yourself back in the gloomy depths of the secret Veltro airbase, this time in search of a PC with a "high-powered CPU". Head down the staircase and follow the pathway along, slipping through the nearby room to circumvent the blockade, and continuing forward.

You'll encounter two Hunters along the corridor as you descend the staircase and turn the corner to the left, so be ready to take them out. When it's safe to proceed, make your way through the door at the end of the passage to the south.

When you reach the projector room, go down the steps and scan the room for some useful supplies. Next, hit the wall panel in the southeast corner of the room to summon the lift. Step inside and press the button to descent further into the complex.

At the bottom, move out into the next room and loot the shelves to the right for some ammo, a green herb, and the RIFLE M40A1. While Quint messes around with the computer at the far end of the room, scour the area for more ammo and helpful items.

You'll find some decoy grenades and three more green herbs, and, if you climb the ladder onto the container in the northeast, the MAGNUM PYTHON and some more ammo. Leave the rocket launchers where they are for now.

Start up the power generator

To start up the generator, you'll need to pull the two levers - there's one in the southwest corner of the room, and another on the eastern wall. Once both levers have been yanked, an enemy ambush will begin. You've a short amount of time before the attack starts in earnest so use it to find a safe vantage point. There's a handy shipping container in the middle of the room to the south with a ladder on its west-facing side. Climb up and prepare to fight.

Neutralise the enemies

Once the battle begins, mutant wolves will start dropping down right on top of you. The nice thing about being up on the container is that you can easily keep the wolves focused in front of you - and, although they can jump up, they'll spend a lot of time falling off while they run around trying to attack.

This means that it's pretty safe to just break out your knife and slash away at your targets in order to conserve ammo. Do pay attention to your surroundings, however - eventually two Hunters will ambush you, so you might want to jump down to ground level and put some distance between you and your attackers while you unload ammo into them.

Restart the power generator

Shortly, you'll be instructed to restart the power generator, which you can do by yanking one of the two levers that you pulled earlier. Dispatch the Hunters if you haven't done so already then pull the lever that's popped back up. Don't worry too much about the wolves - they'll continue to drop into the area, so just dodge around them and focus your attention on the task at hand.

Neutralise the enemies

Next, return to your vantage point and once again use your knife to slash away at the wolves. Eventually a few more Hunters will drop into the room so hop back down to ground level and take them out with whatever weapon suits you.

Toward the end of the fight, you'll need to deal with several invisible Hunters. These can be a real pain as there are no telltales signs showing their position now that you're out of the snow.

Your best bet here is simply to stay vigilant, looking for the occasional flicker of their camouflage. The second you see a target, take aim and shoot - the rifle is a great help here as you won't have to worry about getting within firing range first. And remember that you can shoot the explosive barrels stationed around the room for greater damage if they happened to be parked nearby.

Additionally, you'll need to watch for surprise close-quarters attacks. Luckily, your opponents will reappear a second before they try and strike up close, so always be ready to react - you've got a brief window in which to either open fire or dodge out of the way.

Once Quint announces that his task is done, finish off any remaining enemies in the room and head over to your partner to trigger the cutscene and end the sequence. Now it's time to stop the virus as we return to Jill in the concluding part of the episode.

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