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Resident Evil Revelations - Close the bulkhead, observation deck boss Draghignazzo, Veltro Key Card location

Continuing episode six in Resident Evil Revelations.

Back onboard the Queen Zenobia, it's time to take on observational deck boss Draghignazzo and find the Veltro Key Card location as you take control of Jill once more.

If you need more help, our complete Resident Evil Revelations walkthrough can assist with other sections of the game, including all Handprint locations, Raid mode and unlockables.

Leave the engine room

Once the cutscene is over, immediately dive down and swim forward, making your way toward the control panel on the lefthand side of the room. Interact with the console to get the PIPE then swim up to the grate on the ceiling in the centre of the room.

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Interact with grate to prise it open - you'll need to rapidly tap whatever button appears onscreen. Midway through your efforts, Jill will drop the pipe and you'll need to swim down to the bottom of the room to retrieve it - it'll likely be half-obscured beneath the machinery at the eastern end of the room.

Note that the screen will slowly darken if stay underwater too long and start to run out of air - intermittently swim up through the gap in the ceiling and pop your head above water.

When you have the pipe again, use it on the grate a second time. As soon as the grate swings open, Jill will do the rest herself and freedom will finally be yours. Out in the long tunnel, walk forward and follow the passage around, grabbing the ammo and Shotgun Ammo Case as you go. Drop through the hole at the end.

Close the bulkhead

You'll splash down along a very familiar corridor. Locate the nearby short passage running east and make your way through the door in the far wall. Head left, pass through the next door then deal with the swimming creature loose in the room with the tank.

Proceed through the door to the northeast then follow the linear path all the way back to the control room, taking care of any aquatic nuisances that attack. Don't forget to break the crates just outside the control room for some likely much-needed ammo supplies. As you enter the control room, a short cutscene will play and the bulkheads will close, completing your current objective.

Head for the Hall

Your next port of call is the observation room, but you'll need to get to the main hall first. From the control room, head through the door to the north, then follow the path forward until you reach the elevator platform room once more. Watch out as you approach the ladder along the way, however - two enemies will burst out of the water to ambush you. Back in the elevator room, get on the platform, pull the lever and begin your ascent.

When the Chris-based cutscene ends, and the action returns to the Queen Zenobia, climb the ladder in the northeast corner of the room and make your way along the pipe. Descent the ladder at the end, then approach the ladder ahead.

As you do, you'll be ambushed by one of the Wall Blisters that you first encountered in the Solarium much earlier in the game. Luckily, it shouldn't take more than a few machine gun blasts to the skull to bring it down for good - just be sure to keep well back to avoid the impact of its explosive death.

Resume your journey and climb the ladder. There's another ladder at the top so climb that too. You'll emerge in the Casino's VIP room, so sweep the area for ammo and use the green weapon crate to adjust your load-out if necessary - you'll now have the Daze 1 and Damage 2 custom parts to equip if you've been following this guide.

It might seem obvious, but make sure that you're carrying weapons with a decent amount of ammo in them - there's a good chance your current weapons will be getting low on ammo, and there aren't many supplies between here and the next big encounter. Once you're satisfied, leave the VIP area via the door to the south.

Make your way through the Casino, climb the steps to the west and pass through both sets of double doors to reach the grand hall once more. Head toward the foot of the central staircase and locate the elevator to the south - it'll be highlighted with a yellow dot on your mini-map. Step into the lift and hit the button to begin your ascent to the upper levels.

Unfortunately, your progress will be hindered by a huge creature (known as the Draghignazzo) that drops down onto the roof of the lift. You'll need to take it out if you want to proceed.

Observation deck boss Draghignazzo

Thankfully, this bit's pretty easy - just look up toward the roof of the elevator car and begin emptying bullets into the eye of the creature peering in at you. Eventually, it'll disappear and a heavy, bludgeon-like tail will shortly reappear in one of the three windows around you.

This thing can do a lot of damage once it take aims and smacks you in the face.

As such, you'll want to start unloading a high damage weapon, such as the shotgun, as quickly as possible, aiming straight at the tail until it disappears. Repeat the process, shooting the tail or the eye as they appear and, eventually, the lift will resume its ascent.

When you reach the observation tower, grab the ammo from the seats to the left and the green herb hidden around the side. There's also a green weapon crate ahead if you want to fiddle with your load-out again - you'll find the rifle particularly handy in the next fight. Finally, approach the semi-circular area in the centre of the room to trigger the boss battle.

Kill the enemy

As soon as the Draghignazzo appears, slamming downward, you'll be knocked to the ground. Your first job is to hammer the button shown onscreen so that you quickly get to your feet and regain manoeuvrability. Then it's time to begin your assault for real.

As with the Comms Officer fight earlier, you can shoot the gas canisters when the creature is nearby to cause decent damage. You'll also find a welcome selection of ammo and grenades around the area if you start to run low - do watch out for incoming attacks though.

The good news is that this boss is surprisingly straightforward provided that your dodge skills are up to the task.

It'll just kind of stand still for the much of the time, giving you ample opportunity to ply it with bullets - just be sure to aim for its soft, fleshy parts, such as its eye protrusion (hence the usefulness of the rifle's scope), and not the hard carapace of his body.

The only time you really have to worry is when the creature slams its large bludgeon down, causing sparks to burst from the ground. This signals that a powerful rush attack is incoming, so hold your ground then dodge at the last minute to step out of the way. Then quickly run to the opposite end of the room and resume your attack.

If you stick too close to the creature it will hurl its bludgeon at the floor in an attempt to knock you off your feet again. You'll need to hammer the prompt once more to get back up or it'll begin bopping you on the head with a powerful tail attack.

Intermittently, the creature will keel over in exhaustion, giving you a few additional moments to strike. Keep up the shots and the dodges and it'll be monster meat in no time.

Start up the antenna

Once the creature is down for good, a ladder will drop from the ceiling and you'll be instructed to make your way up. Before you do, however, hoover up any remaining ammo and green herbs in the area - and scan around for a few more supplies - and be sure to swipe the Rifle Ammo Case leaning against one of the observation windows.

Veltro Key Card location

Next, climb the ladder, grab the VELTRO KEY CARD from the crate on the left then read the Veltro Agent's Journal 1 document.

Scan the room's various nooks and crannies for more supplies, then use your newly acquired key card to proceed through the nearby door. Once you emerge on deck, look left and grab the ammo on the ground.

Next, head right, following the deck as it loops around the ship. Take the green herb at the foot of the steps then scamper on up. Climb the ladder and work your way along the walkway until you reach the antenna power box.

Before you do anything else, scan the box to reveal Handprint 21, then interact with the device to unscrew the panel cover. Next, as you've done many times before, solve the puzzle by uncrossing the wires and placing the nodes on the illuminated dots on the circuit board. With that done, the antennae will become operational again.

Following a brief chinwag with HQ, and a longer cutscene, the episode will conclude. As well as unlocking Episode 7, you'll also unlock Raid Mode Stages 8 to 12, if you fancy the break.

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