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Resident Evil: Revelations release date

January launch for new 3DS adventure.

Resident Evil: Revelations staggers onto 3DS on 27th January 2012, Nintendo has announced.

The platform holder will be handling sales, marketing and distribution of the game in Europe, though Capcom will still get a publisher credit.

The first all-new Resi adventure since 2009's opinion-splitting Resident Evil 5, Revelations promises a return to the series' scare-orientated haunted house roots.

Set between the events of Resi 4 and Resi 5, it sees franchise regulars Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine hopping around Europe investigating a bioterrorist threat, with new partners Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat in tow.

Alongside the series' traditional zombie blasting gameplay, you can also expect touch screen puzzles and inventory management.

The game will be compatible with Nintendo's recently announced circle pad add-on, though a UK release date for that is yet to be confirmed.

For more on the game, take a look at the trailer below or our recent Resident Evil: Revelations preview.

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Resident Evil: Revelations

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