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Resi 5 Move only for Gold Edition

Update: Capcom responds.

Update: Capcom has moved to quell growing anger over PlayStation Move support being limited to the Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition.

In a post on the Capcom Europe site, the publisher said it was impossible to patch support for Sony's motion control device into the original Resident Evil 5. The statement is in full below.

"The original Resident Evil 5 was in development for several years before PlayStation Move even existed as a concept for Sony. RE5 was released in March 2009 without the code to allow for future changes to control schemes through DLC or patching.

"Therefore the original Resident Evil 5 will not work with PlayStation Move. Short of building a time machine, going back in time and recoding the game so we can patch control schemes on it in the future there is nothing we can do. Sorry.

"Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition was released in 2010. At this time Capcom was aware PlayStation Move had gone from an early concept to an actual product. Tweaks to the code were made to allow prototype Move to work, which was then shown off at TGS 2009.

"Aware that Move was coming but still unaware of it's final specs, the release of Gold Edition in 2010 featured the same bit of code that allows new control schemes to be added and while Move will 'not work out of the box' with existing RE5GE the ability to download a patch will see current owners of RE5GE be able to use PlayStation Move providing they have an internet connection to download a patch that will be available from 14th September.

"RE5GE was originally an exclusive to a high street retailer, and I believe has now sold out, but this 'new' version of RE5GE will be available across all retailers and will be launched on 15th September with PlayStation Move.

"In Summary. RE5 Gold Edition works with Move with the caveat that you need to download a patch if you already have a RE5 Gold Edition in your possession. Any new purchase of RE5 Gold Edition from 15th September, look out for the updated 'Move' packaging if you want the game without the need to download a patch. The 'Original' RE5 doesn't work with Move…as we don't have a time machine."

Original story: Only the Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5 will support PlayStation Move controls, according to an article on the US PlayStation blog.

Existing owners of the Gold Edition will be offered a free patch retrofitting the controls. This will be available on 19th September in North America.

Once PlayStation Move has been released (15th September in Europe), all new copies of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition will support the motion-sensing controls on disc.

Unfortunately, anybody with the original version of Resident Evil 5 will miss out. Move support isn't possible "for technical reasons".

The Gold Edition of Resident Evil 5 contains the Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape DLC, among other things.

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