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Resi 5 details emerge


New details for Resident Evil 5 have emerged this afternoon, a bit like a zombie clambering out from its mossy grave.

The information comes from the mouth of producer Jun Takeuchi, who sat down with Japanese magazine Famitsu to talk about the game (translated by IGN).

Action this time takes place in what appears to be an African or desert village, where our hero Chris is soon dispatched to investigate mysterious goings on. Once there he promptly bumps into a new type of enemy with considerably more brainpower than your traditional zombie. Takeuchi also tells us to expect an appearance from a girl fans of the series will recognise - who has a sizeable part to play in both the story and gameplay.

Resident Evil 5 will be played from largely the same perspective as the excellent fourth instalment, with Chris on the left of the screen. But apparently there's also a big surprise addition here that Takeuchi believes is an obvious step in the series' evolution. You'll kick yourselves.

Light will play a large part in the new game, too, making entering dark buildings from bright outside environments (and vice versa) a serious consideration when factoring in the time it takes for your eyes to adjust to each new setting.

But unfortunately there's still no more news on when we can expect the game, just a general date of 2008.

Pop over to Eurogamer TV to see the new Resident Evil 5 E3 trailer.

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Resident Evil 5

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