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Red Faction sequel confusion

Was mentioned, but not like that.

Horror and confusion in the land of THQ! Reports over the weekend suggested that the company was set to resurrect the likes of Red Faction, and produce further sequels to Destroy All Humans and MX - all courtesy of a conference call involving CEO Brian Farrell.

Not so, GameSpot has since concluded. As it turns out, CEO Farrell did list six games, including the above, as "six franchises which have reached the million-unit mark", but had merely described this fact as one of "three important takeaways" for investors.

In other words, there's no confirmation of whether further games are planned or in development, or whether Farrell was simply using THQ's past success as a handy benchmark by which investors might judge their worth.

As for what did come out of THQ's latest financial calls - there was confirmation that WWE wrestling will return in 2008 on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP and DS, along with news that the latest Stuntman game will be subtitled "Ignition".

Expect to here more about all that in the coming months.

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