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Red Faction: Guerrilla gets PC date

Plus min/recommended specs, shots.

THQ has announced that the PC version of Red Faction: Guerrilla will be released on 11th September for "international" customers, which we've been told includes Europe.

The US gets it on 15th September, and the publisher says it's "still finalising the digital distribution partners for each region".

Those of you hanging on for the PC version might also like to hear that it requires a 2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM and a 128MB 3D card with Shader Model 3.0 support as a minimum.

However, it will totally hump your recommended leg if you fit yourself out with a 3.2GHz processor, 2GB RAM and a 256MB graphics card.

Check out our Red Faction: Guerrilla PC screenshot gallery to see how it looks running on the recommend specs.

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Red Faction: Guerrilla

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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