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Red Dead Online update tackles annoying camp glitches

But some are still reporting issues.

One of Red Dead Online's longest-standing issues has been Cripps' over-enthusiasm for packing up camps - a problem that's been particularly devastating for those with the trader role. Coming back to butcher some carcasses? Too bad: Cripps has moved your stuff, and now you can't respawn the camp anywhere thanks to a glitchy menu. The problems always seemed to be worse in busy lobbies, where multiple players were contending for camping spots.

My Cripps just packed up my camp in Hennigan's Stead, WHILE I was in it, and started marching his happy ass down the train tracks. from r/RedDeadOnline

The patch notes for this week's update have now been revealed - and it seems Rockstar is addressing some of these camp problems. In particular, the patch takes aim at the "flashing prompts and an incorrect 'Cripps has packed up your camp' alert" in the player menu, and reducing "the chance of player camps being packed up during dynamic session switching in Red Dead Online". And, finally, a glitch that caused pitched camps to "not spawn correctly when approaching the marked blip on the Radar/Map".

I tried running the game after the patch, and for once it did seem like the menu was behaving: I could move my camp easily via the player menu, and neither running around the world nor moving between lobbies forced Cripps to pack up my stuff. While it's been working for me and some other players, this hasn't been the case for everyone, and some are still reporting issues with disappearing camps since the update, along with a bug that spawns multiple Cripps when trying to pitch a camp. A true nightmare.

When you try 4 times to spawn your camp, but all R* gives you is this.. from r/RedDeadOnline

This update seems to have been a bit bumpy for many - as reported by VG247, players have seen their Moonshine Shacks disappear (something that can apparently be fixed by reloading multiple times), while others are reporting problems with animals spawns, despite recent attempts by Rockstar to restore the wildlife population.

It's hard to say how widespread these issues are, but even in my short testing period I experienced a disconnect error - suggesting Rockstar still has a way to go in smoothing out the online mode. But at least my camp is staying put... for now.

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