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Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2012 voting

Voting is now closed. Results on 31st December.

UPDATE 2: Voting is now closed! Thanks to everyone who has submitted their choices. We will be publishing the full top 50 list on 31st December, along with many of your comments. Oh, and while any votes cast from now on won't count towards the outcome, if you have comments to make about the games then we will consider including those, so the forms below should still work for that.

UPDATE: Thank you for all your votes so far! There have been many and some of you even have the correct opinions! As on Monday 10th there is one week to go, so if you have been prevaricating or procrastinating up to this point, now is the time to make your feelings known.

ORIGINAL POST: "The tide is high but I'm holding on." Not my words, but the words of Atomic Kitten. Actually, not their words either. But no matter! The point is that the swelling waters of time are about to climb beyond the gasping lips of another 12 months of gaming and drown them into memory. Which means that it's time for you to vote on your games of the year.

As usual, we are asking you to name your top five games and then give us a bit of commentary on why they meant so much to you. We will then take your votes, rub them together using maths and wizardry, and produce the Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2012, which we'll publish on 31st December or thereabouts for you to admire. Please use the drop-downs and comment boxes below to record your votes.

Check out last year's Top 50 for an idea of how the finished article will appear. As you can see, we also include a bunch of your comments on the games so you can all delight in each other's wisdom and/or excoriate one another for perceived incompetence. But hopefully there won't be too much of the latter - it's nearly Christmas after all.

One last thing - we suck the voting lists below from our databases, but sometimes the odd game slips through the cracks. I've spent a few minutes going through and checking for obvious stuff, but if you feel there are games missing from the forms that should be eligible (i.e. they were released somewhere in the world during 2012), then get in touch by email or tweet at us and we'll add them for you.

Voting is open until I get round to closing it on Monday 17th December. Go go go!

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