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Rare urges core gamers to try Kinect

"All I can say to the core is have a go."

Rare's Kinect development director Nick Burton has encouraged core gamers to try Microsoft's new controller technology rather than dismissing it out of hand.

"All I can say to the core is go and have a go. It doesn't even have to be necessarily Kinect Sports. Go and have a go on Kinect, period," Burton told Eurogamer in an interview published today.

Like Chris Lewis last week, Burton said Rare had expected a bit of negative feedback on Kinect when the wraps first came off, but said playing with it first hand would change people's minds.

"Until people play Kinect, and they play it for more than a couple of seconds, which is unfortunately practically what you get in the trade shows... But you know hardly anybody's getting a chance to play it," he said.

"It's one of those things you've got to have what I call your Kinect moment, when you realise... And we see this, we saw it at gamescom and E3, people go, 'Oh, it's way better than I expected. It's way more high fidelity than I expected.'

"But when you're looking at a video on the internet and you're reading the write-ups, it's very difficult to get, well I think it's probably impossible to get that feeling."

Burton also said he believes that hardcore gamers will be all over it once the 10th November launch rolls around, whatever they may be saying to the contrary on forums - and he expects Kinect Sports to be a hotbed for them.

"You watch the Live leaderboards when these things come out," he said. "There will be people... We'll be there going, 'How the hell have they gone that fast?' or 'How have they got that big score?' That will be the hardcore doing that."

Read the full Nick Burton Kinect interview elsewhere on Eurogamer.

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