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Rare researching GoldenEye for Kinect?

Burton: "There are so many possibilities."

Rare's Nick Burton has hinted that fuller, more traditional games may be developed at the studio for Kinect.

Rare is hard at work on Kinect Sports, but Burton offered a glimmer of hope to a Brighton Develop audience this morning when asked if we would ever see a GoldenEye-like game for Microsoft's new device.

"For us, until you start on that product, it's difficult to say what we're going to do," he tentatively began.

"We got so excited about Kinect. There's something in there... What we've seen with Kinect is that it's just the first wave.

"There are so many possibilities for those kind of things," he added, returning to the question. "But I'm not going to tell you what they are. You've got so many inputs, why would you not use those for any experience?"

Burton stood in for Rare's creative director George Andreas and delivered a speech about the studio taking risks. When Kinect - then Project Natal - appeared, the decision to support the device was a "no-brainer", Burton said, which must have been handy for studio owner Microsoft.

"Kinect had our name written all over it," he added.

Burton showed the audience a video of the football mini-game from Kinect Sports. In it, players pass either left or right to team-mates that have football icons above their heads. There's no running, and the last defender backs off to allow you a shot at goal. [Sounds pretty realistic for England. - Ed]

This will be playable at gamescom next month, and is one of the "cornerstones" of the Kinect Sports package, Burton promised.

In closing, Burton - who has a background in medical visual equipment - said he "couldn't have predicted" he'd be standing on the stage today talking about a motion-sensing Kinect football game.

"It really does feel like what we started with Slalom [NES] that we've really realised what [Rare founders the Stampers] were trying to do," he beamed.

"When my daughter gets to my age, where will we have taken things to?"

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