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Rally Cross joins PS1 emu list

With WipEout to follow.

Those of you taking advantage of Sony's new PlayStation emulation kit for PSP without being illegal about it will be pleased to learn that you can now get your hands on another '90s 'classic', Rally Cross.

US$ 5.99 as usual, it's up on the American PS3 Store now (we checked), but better than that it will soon be joined by WipEout and Jet Moto, also due to cost you the best part of six dollars.

Exact release timings aren't available for those sadly, but if you do get them then - like their PSone predecessors - you'll be able to download them directly to a PSP up to five times and play them on the go. Providing you've upgraded to the latest PSP firmware, anyway.

Speaking in a US press advisory, Sony said to expect a Blast Factor multiplayer pack in the near future (US$ 2.99) along with another costume pack for middling masher Genji: Days of the Blade.

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