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Rainbow Six Siege's Doktor's Curse Halloween event returns tomorrow

Bringing 5v5 Monster Hunt mode.

'Tis the season to be spooky, and Rainbow Six Siege is getting into the spirit of things tomorrow, 12th October, with the return of its Doktor's Curse limited-time Halloween event.

Doktor's Curse first emerged as a seasonal treat for Rainbow Six Siege players back in Year 4, but its 5v5 hide-and-seek-style Monster Hunt mode - set across a suitably sinister Frankenstein-themed version of the Theme Park map - has, according to Ubisoft, seen a few tweaks for 2021.

As before, one team takes on the role of the attacking Exterminators while the other plays the defending Monsters. The Exterminators' goal is to eliminate all Monsters in order to win the game, while the weaker Monster players must either defeat Exterminators or simply stay alive.

Doktor's Curse - The Doktor is out - Trailer.

Exterminators (who are joined by Lion and Jackal this year) are once again armed with breaching hammers, alongside one gadget from a selection of three, determined by a player's operator skin. Meanwhile, Monsters (now joined by Aruni and Melusi) have no weapons but can use traps and a special Nightstride ability that increases their speed and turns them temporarily invisible.

Doktor's Curse - which will also feature the inevitable range of Halloween-themed cosmetics for purchase throughout the event - starts tomorrow and runs until 2nd November. Additional details can be found in Ubisoft's announcement post.

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