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Quirky puzzle adventure GNOG revealed for PS4 and Morpheus

A Double Fine Presents and Sony Pub Fund title.

GNOG is a peculiar puzzler about cosmic monsters heading to PS4 next year with Morpheus support.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, GNOG's bizarre premise tasks players with interacting with gigantic monster heads that house a universe in the diorama-like back of their skulls. So by interacting with their faces, you'll switch up the scenery in their noggins (or "gnoggins" as is the game's namesake).

It's a kooky idea brought about with lots of style and verve, based on its debut trailer, and developer KO-OP has attracted quite the backers for this whimsical affair.

Sony has decided to finance GNOG as part of its Pub Fund program, the same indie initiative used to produce such titles as Papo & Yo, Guacamelee!, Metrico and Ruftrausers.

GNOG is also part of the Double Fine Presents label, the Psychonauts developer's banner of indie titles it helps contribute to at a distance. While Double Fine won't be developing the game directly, it will offer KO-OP "production support and design feedback."

The four-person Montreal-based developer noted that GNOG actually began as a 2D platformer. "There was, of course, a lot of experimentation before we found the perfect formula," noted studio director Saleem Dabbous. "Once we decided to work in 3D and focus on bringing the monster heads to life, though, we knew we were on to something special and intriguing."

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