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Quake Live beta opens tomorrow

Browser-based Q3A for the masses.

id Software will begin the Quake Live beta tomorrow, giving anyone the chance to test the browser-based, Quake III-inspired shooter.

Closed beta accounts not active within the last 28 days will be cleared, wiping all current statistics. However, player names and settings will remain. And this, id Software said in a statement, will be the last time Quake Live stats are ever wiped.

Those keen on taking part in the open beta will need to sign-up on the official Quake Live website tomorrow, where they should find extra information on the free-to-play game: how it's getting on and what's next.

Quake Live - originally Quake Zero - was unveiled in late 2007. The game will be exclusive to PC, run on old machines and be funded by advertising, although we're told this will be non-intrusive.

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