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Suda 51's Liberation Maiden available now on the 3DS eShop

Pullblox sequel and new games from the creators of Seaman and FF Tactics due this year.

Nintendo has announced a boatload of new games heading to the 3DS' eShop during the final quarter of this year at its recent Nintendo Direct presentation.

Excitingly, Suda 51's Liberation Maiden - an anime-inspired 3D sci-fi shooter romp published by Level 5 - is out today. That was quick!

Last year's brilliant puzzle game Pullblox is getting a sequel entitled Fallbox. Pullblox was a game about, well, pulling blocks. As the name implies, in Fallblox the blocks a least somewhat obey the laws of gravity and will fall if nothing is supporting them. The sequel will also allow you to rotate the camera, unlike the first game that locked your perspective to a front view of the stage.

Fallblox is due this November. It will feature 140 new levels and 90 returning stages.

I gave Pullblox a whopping 9/10 in my review last December where I called it "a shining example of what the Kyoto-based company can do in the modest-priced digital market."

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Elsewhere during the presentation, Level 5 announced two more new games coming to the eShop.

Seaman creator Yoot Saito's Aero Porter is due in November. It seems to be about running an airport. And Final Fantasy Tactics creator Yasumi Mitsano's upcoming RPG Crimson Shroud is due in December.

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Other new eShop titles coming this year are Hydroventure: Spin Cycle - a sequel to last year's fluid-based puzzler Hydroventure, 3D space shooter Nano Assault EX, and the ludicrously titled The Denpa Men: They Came by Wave, a mix of augmented reality shooting with dungeon crawling where you must collect critters tethered to real-life locales.

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