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PUBG's new PC update finally brings dynamic weather and bug fixes

It's going down a storm.

Over the past few weeks, PUBG players have accused developer PUBG Corp of being more focused on adding new content than fixing bugs in the game. The noise grew so loud that when Update #17 was released, PUBG Corp addressed the issue directly in its update notes, promising bug fixes would come in the future. And to be fair to PUBG Corp, it seems the developer has kept its word, for PC update #19 includes a wave of technical adjustments to solve some of the game's jankier moments.

The update notes, posted on Steam, show PUBG Corp has focused on fixing bugs and tweaking other technical aspects such as the game's sound and overall performance. On top of this, the developer has pleased players by improving the inventory mechanics: removed attachments will now simply drop onto the floor if a player's inventory is full.

Another long-anticipated feature, dynamic weather, has also been added in the update. Players dropping into Erangel and Miramar may have to pack some umbrellas along with their parachutes, as the two maps will now have overcast weather (rain and fog) which will change during the game. Now anyone can get soggy at any time. Hooray!

Plus, if you've ever been too preoccupied to open the map to place a marker (or just lazy), PUBG Corp has also made this easier, as markers can now be dropped by right-clicking while holding the alt-key.

An easy way to make your mark.

From looking at player reactions on Steam and Reddit, it seems the PUBG community is relatively happy with the update, although some have highlighted foggy weather in the desert might be a little odd. Still, most seem pleased PUBG Corp is responding to player concerns. Will this continue in future updates?

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