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PUBG's new Metal Rain mode lets you summon armoured vehicles from the sky

Available for a limited time.

Metal Rain, developer Bluehole's latest limited-time event for PlayUnknown's Battlegrounds, is now underway on PC.

Metal Rain is a Battle Royale experience designed for multiple eight-man squads, and unfolds across PUBG's classic Erangel map. Differentiating it from the usual rules of engagement, combatants are able to summon huge, heavily-armoured UAZs by firing flare guns into the sky.

Flare guns spawn randomly in normal loot locations and have different effects depending on where they're fired. Inside the white safe zone, flares will cause special care packages to fall to earth. It's only when flares are used outside the safe zone that UAZs will plunge into the fray.

Watch the skies.

Spicing things up still further, the map's Redzone is enabled, as are dynamic weather changes. Additionally, a total of 96 players can participate at once, split into 12 teams of eight.

Metal Rain launched earlier today, and will remain available until 3am on April 23rd in the UK / 7pm PDT on April 22nd. Full details can be found in Bluehole's latest Steam post.

Metal Rain arrives as part of PUBG's new Event Mode, which the developer introduced late last month. Eurogamer's Ian Highton is a big fan of the new system and recently shared his thought on why it's such a great addition for Battlegrounds.

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