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PUBG finally adding ability to select which map you want

A cunning pan.

Ever since the launch of PUBG's second map, players have called for the ability to pick where they play - the original Erangel, or the new Miramar.

Very soon, this option will finally be available.

Map Selection is a new feature which will roll out to test servers "soon". When starting a game you'll be able to select which maps you want to be matched onto, and then the game will send you off to one of your selections.

Only like Miramar? You can play just on that. Prefer the original (and best) location of Erangel, or fancy a random selection of either? Not a problem.

Really, this feature will come into play when you've been matched randomly onto the same place a bunch of times and don't fancy yet another go-around getting killed in the same location.

An image showing how the feature will look also displays PUBG's third map, the upcoming area set in the Adriatic. There's still no word on when that might pop up.

Why has the feature taken so long to add? In a blog post on the changes, developer Bluehole said it had needed to ensure matchmaking time would not be overly impacted, and that players in different regions with different map preferences would not be specifically effected.

Eurogamer caught up with PlayerUnknown himself Brendan Greene at EGX Rezzed last week to discuss the future of the game, why red zones are important and whether PUBG was feeling the heat of its battle royale genre competition.

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