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PSone emu gets reset button

PSP firmware hits 3.11.

Sony has released another little update for the PSP, allowing those of you using its rather wonderful PSone emulation software to take advantage of a reset button.

Available in the USA, Japan and (one feels rather pointlessly) Europe, the only other tangible benefit is that you can scratch off the "3.10" you Tipp-Exed onto the back of the disc tray and put "3.11" instead. You are weird, you know.

Not encountered the PSP emulator? Well, it's a bit complicated, but it allows you to buy PSone games for US$ 5.99 from the PlayStation 3 Store and then pipe them over a cable onto the PSP Memory Stick up to five times.

Those of you with SUPER ILLEGAL old-firmware PSPs can also use it to copy your old boxed games onto Memory Sticks SUPER ILLEGALLY, but we wouldn't know how to do that and would imagine it's very hard to find out how on Google as well.

For more of our exciting PSP emulator adventures, head to our recent diary of exciting PSP emulator adventures.

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