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PSN outage hits used market - report

Games lose value, PS3 trade-ins rise.

The second-hand price of some of the PlayStation 3's most popular online games has fallen sharply since PlayStation Network went down last month, so says a new report.

According to independent price tracking blog Video Game Price Charts, the resale value of the ten most popular online titles on the PlayStation 3 has dropped by an average of 7.4 per cent in the US since PSN first went down on 20th April.

In comparison, the same ten titles saw a small 0.7 per cent increase on Xbox 360.

While it's impossible to prove cause and effect, the data suggests decreased demand for online-centric PS3 games and/or more titles being brought in for trade than usual.

Meanwhile, anecdotal evidence gathered by Edge from retail outlets also suggests an increase in the amount of customers trading in their PS3s for Xbox 360s.

One anonymous UK retailer claimed that the number of PS3s being brought in was up 200 per cent since the PSN outage begun, with about half of those customers then picking up an Xbox 360.

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