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PS5 bundles with Horizon Forbidden West now sold out at Amazon

A PlayStation 5 disc console with Horizon Forbidden West bundle is still available at BT Shop.

PlayStation 5 consoles were back in stock at Amazon for Prime members this morning. The online retail giant dropped the PS5 Standard Disc Console with Horizon Forbidden West Bundle for £499.99 at around 8am, followed by the PS5 Digital Console with Horizon Forbidden West Bundle for £409.99 at around 9am. Both PS5 bundles are now sold out after remaining in stock for the longest time in a while.

If you're still chasing after the PS5 disc console, there is still a bundle available at BT Shop (BT Broadband members only). The PS5 bundle includes the Standard Disc console, Horizon Forbidden West and an extra DualSense Wireless Controller for £550. The retail price of the Disc PS5 console is £449.99, so you're paying £50 to get Horizon Forbidden West, which costs £69.99 on the PlayStation Store, saving you £20. You're also getting the extra DualSense controller, which costs £60 at RRP, saving you an extra tenner and £30 in total.

A digital download copy of Horizon Forbidden West is included with the bundle, and you'll need to redeem the provided game voucher code and download it once you're connected to the internet.

Congratulations to those who were able to get their hands on a PS5 this morning! If you weren't so lucky or you'd prefer to buy a standalone console, make sure to bookmark our PS5 stock alert guide to find out when they're next back in stock.

The Playstation 5 consoles are highly superior to the PS4 or Xbox One, offering a glorious 4K HDR gaming experience thanks to HDMI 2.1, and are able to play games at 120Hz. The included PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller with haptic feedback truly feels wonderful in your hands and is a dream to play with. Horizon Forbidden West is also the perfect game to test the power of the consoles.

If you want to upgrade your console's storage right away, you can also grab this excellent PS5 compatible SSD with heatsink for just £125 from Amazon- that's better than half price. The excellent WD_Black SN850 1TB solid state drive was originally an eye-watering £257.99 but you can currently save £132.99 (52 per cent off).

You can also find plenty of cheap PS5 games and accessories to enhance your next-gen gaming experience and we've got all the best PS5 deals covered right here. You can also bag some bargains via our Jelly Deals Twitter page, so make sure to give it a follow.

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