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PS4 Store asks if you'd like to download multiplayer or single-player first

New video shows the experience in action.

You'll be able to choose, at the PS4 PlayStation Store, whether you want to download the Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer mode first or the single-player.

That nugget of information was buried in a lifestyle first-look video at the PS4 interface.

Attractive man Will comes home to his trendily trashed apartment in urban America, throws open the shutters and boots up PS4 with the press of a button, and lands quickly on the home screen. There he sees that his attractive friend Sarah has unlocked a Trophy in Knack and posted a video of her biffing up some big baddie.


Will selects this activity and is prompted with a start button to see if he can do the same. He can't, so he watches Sarah's replay and eventually works it out. While doing all this he views Sarah's new-look profile.

Then his other friend, who's Playing Killzone: Shadow Fall, pipes up in his ear - using the new in-your-ear earphone and dangle-down mic that's in the PS4 box (much less intrusive than a Madonna headset but also so well concealed that friends may not realise you're not pleading for them to die but a monster on the screen.)

Will doesn't own Killzone so he heads to the PS Store to buy it. This is where he's prompted about whether he wants to download the SP or MP part of the game first. He makes his selection and then flips back, pretty quickly, to playing Knack.

Sarah, who's in a cafe on her phone, sends him a message and they have a little chat. He replies by - it looks like - tilting the DualShock 4 controller and then either pressing face buttons or the touchpad to select letters.

Killzone finishes downloading and he jumps into his friend's game and quickly dies. A video is recorded and Sarah watches it at the cafe and sends them a message. And that's about it.

As revealed before E3, download the digital copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall and you'll be able to start playing the game as soon as its first level and main menu are downloaded.

Sony previously mentioned that you'll be able to play PlayStation 4 games while they're downloading, but this was the first time we've heard more specific details on how little you'll need to have on your hard drive.

"You're going to download a chunk of the game, get the menu and first level, and while you're playing the first level we can start downloading the second in the background," Killzone developer Guerrilla's technical director Michiel van der Leeuw explained. "Then the third and so on."

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