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PS4-exclusive Commander Cherry's Puzzled Journey is a "yoga-action-platformer"

Create platforms by forming shapes with your body.

The upcoming PS4-exclusive "yoga-action-platformer" Commander Cherry's Puzzled Journey has one of the strangest uses of a camera I've seen.

We're still not sure the purpose of the creepy pterodactyl mask.

On the surface Commander Cherry's is a typical 2D platformer, but it has one unique twist: you form the platforms by making shapes with your body.

That's right. Stretch your arms out for a bridge, kick off to the side to form a ramp, and crouch to form a box. Occasionally you'll be tasked with fitting your body into specific molds to trigger things in the environment.

It sounds mental, and German indie developer Grandé Games has noted that there will be an "on-the-fly" co-op mode in which one person can man the controller while another can produce the shapes.

Furthermore, you'll wield a lightsaber, which automatically makes everything better.

The following trailer shows off the basic concept, though it's a very early prototype. The final game will be fleshed out a lot more with various aliens to meet, planets to explore, and problems to solve.

Commander Cherry's Puzzled Journey will be out on PS4 later this year.

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