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PS3 manual mentions rumble

NBA 2K7 cocks up copy.

Whoopsy daisy. Looks like somebody didn't tell 2K Sports about the PlayStation 3's loss of vibration until too late. Either that or one of the copy writers was having a bad day, because a poster on the official PlayStation message boards has unearthed a page of NBA 2K7's PS3 manual that highlights its support for, er, pad vibration.

Scanned and posted on gaming blogs, the page in question refers to the "24/7: NEXT" mode and says, "Once you start feeling your heart rate pumping (via controller vibration), you'll be ready to begin!" The very next sentence makes mention of the tilt functionality, which seems to rule out the possibility that it was simply a copy-and-paste from the Xbox 360 manual that slipped through undetected.

Whatever the truth, Sony's decision to do away with rumble in favour of motion-sensing has been widely criticised since its announcement at E3 last May, although senior executives including Kaz Hirai and Phil Harrison have defended the choices made.

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