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PS3 getting 3D PlayTV and photo content

3D Blu-ray movie support in September.

Sony has offered further details of its rollout for 3D support on PlayStation 3, including movies, PlayTV and photos.

According to Sony Europe's Mick Hocking, speaking at an event in London attended by CVG, a firmware update for Blu-ray 3D movie support will be released in September.

Support for 3D photos and video camera recordings will come by the end of 2010, he said, but he refused to specify the timing.

Beyond that, PlayTV users can expect to access 3D content through the DVR software as soon as broadcasters start offering them.

Sony is making a big push for 3D on a corporate level through its consumer electronics, games and movie divisions.

At E3 it showcased Killzone 3 in 3D and pledged to release a number of titles with 3D support.

Earlier this year the platform holder issued a firmware update for PS3 to prepare the console for 3D content, and last month it released 3D patches for PAIN, WipEout HD and Super Stardust HD, plus a MotorStorm: Pacific Rift 3D demo.

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