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PS3 1.90 firmware available

As PSP 3.52 pops up in Japan.

PlayStation 3 firmware version 1.90 is now available to download in Europe, bringing with it several options for customising the CrossMediaBar (XMB) and a long-awaited option to change video upscaling options for PS1 and PS2 titles in-game. Let us know how you get on with that.

Elsewhere, you can set a stored photograph to be your PS3's wallpaper (similar to the system on PSP), remotely eject discs from the XMB, and re-order game icons by format and creation date. Sadly there doesn't appear to be an option for customising the order any further.

The update also forces 24Hz output for Blu-ray over HDMI, which seems to be exciting the owners of certain HDTV sets, and introduces bookmarks and a security function to the web browser.

Finally, one particularly obvious change is that you no longer need to plug in the PS3 wireless controller to complete the process.

Anyway, check out our previous update for a full feature listing. You'll be prompted to download the new firmware next time you log in to PlayStation Network.

Meanwhile, the Japanese PSP support site has been updated with new firmware for Sony's handheld. Version 3.52 will presumably be made available in other regions shortly, and adds support for additional downloadable PlayStation Network titles.

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