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PS2 to become open platform in Europe

Sony encouraging local, cheap projects.

Sony development bigwig George Bain has said the PlayStation 2 is "effectively an open platform" in Europe.

"You no longer have to submit a game for content approval," Bain told a throng of Euro developers, according to GameDaily.

The idea behind the move is to encourage regional developers to be able to make "low-development cost titles and release them in their market", he said, using India and Russia as examples.

And while development kits can be costly, Sony has often been known to loan them for the duration of a project.

There are over 120 million PlayStation 2 consoles scattered across houses around the world, which ought to make the whole idea very appealing. The numbers are partly due to the continued support for the platform, which still undergoes hardware revisions and receives its swathe of multiformat titles. And SingStar Singalong With Disney.

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