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PS Phone easily out-powers PSPgo?

Specs, revealing videos spill forth.

The PlayStation Phone - somehow still unconfirmed by Sony - may pack a punch at least three times stronger than PSPgo.

Inside the new device is a 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM and a Qualcomm Adreno 205 graphics chip, according to Engadget's roundup of a Hong Kong forum-based leak.

The screen measures four inches, apparently, and can pump out a resolution of 854x480 pixels.

The PSPgo, on the other hand, has a 333MHz CPU, 64MB RAM and a 3.8 inch screen capable of a 480x272 resolution.

In short, the PlayStation Phone gives it some welly, although the two systems' inner-workings aren't directly comparable.

That's because the PlayStation Phone is a phone, lest we forget - one with a 5 megapixel camera, front-and-back microphones, 512MB ROM, microSD slot, micro-USB connection and a touch-screen for navigation and, you know, dialling phone numbers.

Games, meanwhile, will be launched through a PlayStation Pocket menu. Could this be the true name of the phone?

Sony was expected to announce the PlayStation Phone at the ideally-positioned Consumer Electronics Show 2011 this week, but it didn't.

All eyes now turn to the Game Developers Conference 2011, which starts 28th February in San Francisco.

Playing games a variety of ways on the PlayStation Phone.
Fingering around the PlayStation Phone.
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