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PS Move sub-controller renamed

Slow motion news.

Sony has decided to call the PlayStation Move sub-controller the "navigation controller" instead.

That's according to an FCC filing (thanks GameSpot) and update to the official website for the peripheral.

There's no immediate word on the thinking behind the change, but we imagine the thinking was "sub-controller is a stupid name".

If you've already forgotten what the navigation controller does, it's the thing you hold in your off-hand while you're waving the Move wand about with your main paw. The navigation controller has an analogue stick, d-pad, two shoulder buttons and X, O and PS buttons.

Check out our original story about the PlayStation Move unveiling for a full roundup of hardware and software details.

PlayStation Move is due out this autumn and one pricing option will include a bundle of games and a controller for less than $100.

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