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Project Zomboid update live

New sandbox mode, new items.

The Indie Stone has released the first update for zombie survival sandbox Project Zomboid.

It is now available to download by all who subscribe to the game's development through pre-purchases.

The update adds new character customisation options, a new sandbox mode, full modding support and new items to find and craft.

"We're overjoyed that such a strong community has grown around us, and are coming with us on what we hope will be quite an amazing ride," said The Indie Stone's Chris 'Lemmy' Simpson.

Project Zomboid follows a similar rolling development process to that of indie sensation Minecraft. Those who subscribe (via digital distribution service Desura) to the game get access to every stage of the game's development. Alternatively, you can buy directly from the Project Zomboid website.

Eurogamer chatted with The Indie Stone at the Develop Conference last month to discuss the future of Project Zomboid.

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Project Zomboid

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