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Project Eternity adds Wasteland 2 as tiered Kickstarter reward

Lots to catch up on as Obsidian enters final fundraising week.

Kickstarted project Wasteland 2 has been added as a reward for helping fund Obsidian's Project Eternity on Kickstarter.

You must pledge $165 or above to receive it.

Obsidian's also throwing in Project Eternity's first expansion pack for free when you pledge $165 or above. The first expansion will arrive six months after Project Eternity's released and won't be funded by Kickstarter.

Brian Fargo has close ties to Obsidian. He founded Interplay and gave people like Obsidian's Feargus Urquhart, Chris Avellone, Josh Sawyer and Brian Menze their big breaks. Chris Avellone is also helping make Wasteland 2.

His offer of Wasteland 2 arrives as Project Eternity enters its final week of fund raising on Kickstarter. So far the project has smashed its $1.1 million goal and raised nearly $2.5 million. Numerous stretch goals have been reached and new targets mapped out.

Project Eternity will support mods and Nexus Mods will host them. Obsidian will share as much data as possible, including localisation tools for those languages not officially supported. Polish, Russian, French, Spanish and German languages are officially supported.

Barbarian and Cipher player classes will be added at $2.5 million. At $2.6 million, Obsidian will build an Adventurer's Hall where you can fill-out your party with hired help, than rely on recruiting storied characters of the right class.

Obsidian will show Project Eternity for the first time this week.

Obsidian outlined the four main character classes: fighter, priest, rogue and wizard. They're familiar but they also sound flexible. As with all of these updates, there's significantly more detail on Project Eternity's Kickstarter page.

A mega-dungeon called The Endless Paths of Od Nua has been added. This will have three subterranean levels to begin with. It's final depth, however, depends on the number of backers the Kickstarter project gets - a new level is added for every 2500 additional backers. There are four levels so far.

Crafting and enchanting have been added.

Project Eternity will have extra difficulty modes and you can select more than one of them at a time. There's Expert mode that ditches most of the helper information on screen and makes surviving harder as in Fallout: New Vegas' Hardcore mode. There's Trial of Iron that gives you one saved game that's deleted when you die. And there's Path of the Damned that throws tough challenges at you whenever, wherever.

Chris Avellone pledged to write a Project Eternity novella as a reward for anyone donating $50 or more.

Obsidian has more "exciting stuff" planned for this final week of Project Eternity fund raising, including a very first look at the game.

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