Time Commanders is back on the telly, tonight at 9pm


1 year ago

"The last hope is in the Triarii". Sounds about right :)
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Operation Flashpoint retrospective


5 years ago

Flashpoint gave me one of my biggest gaming panics.

There is a mission where you are the A-10 pilot, I think you had to sink a few fishing boats before moving in-land to attack ground targets. Once you head in-land your engines fail or something. Warning lights start flashing and alarms start ringing. I just sat there panicking, hitting the throttle and anything that might help. I hit the ground, exploded and died.

It never occurred to me to hit the big flashing 'eject' button.


"Target 500 M Fire"
"Cannot Fire"
"Cannot Fire"
"WTF is wrong with this thing?"
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Nintendo renews Eternal Darkness mark


8 years ago

Yeah the bath tub terrified me first time round. As did walking into the room with the piano & hearing an unusual creaking sound I hadn't heard in there before.

Guy hanged himself & when you interact with him his eyes open, I squealed like a girl & turned my cube off.
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