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i started gamming with a ti-99 4a,then i got a colleco adam,then i got a super nes,a sega saturn,a playstation 1,then a dreamcast,a xbox,then a playstation 2,a gamecube,i bought a xbox 360.been a soldier a long time,like tupac says "wars may come and go,but my soldiers remain eternal".i've defended alot of causes,helped countless people.i'll fight more wars,defend more people,get killed some'nt that what lousy players do?.all i ask of the game writers,STOP SHORT CHANGING US GAMERS WITH BULLSHIT GAMES YOU RELEASE!.GIVE US BETTER GAMES!FROM THIS POINT ON,i offer my veteran services as a game tester!test your game with me .fire those "yes men and women LACKEYS" that you see they suck,why else would you get so so much negative static?

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