Strike Suit Zero review


5 years ago

I honestly must disagree with the reviewer here. The "escort" missions are rare and executed quite differently than previous conceptions of the idea. Hit the F key and blow up the target fast, repeat and you will surely protect the objective capital ship. Escort missions in this game are generally the flavor "kill everything before time runs out/your ship dies", NOT "hang around your ship and protect it". That's not how this game plays and if that's what the writer was doing, well, maybe that's part of why he's having such a hard time.

As for the reviewer, I'm sorry to say, but his statements of failing on the third mission, his commentary about the strike suit and not being able to blow up the torpedoes leads me to the obvious conclusion that sorry, but he really, really sucks at this game. While the checkpoints are somewhat (and only somewhat) brutal in the late game missions, Strike Suit Zero really isn't that hard once you learn what you're doing and how to use the strike suit.

The point of the strike suit is to lock on multiple missiles on a large number of targets from afar. It is an amazing tool for stripping turrets from capital ships or annihilating entire waves of enemy fighters. It's absurdly powerful and if you're not getting that out of it, you're doing something horribly wrong (Are you only shooting at one guy at a time in strike suit mode or something?). I breezed through this game, including acquiring all the upgrades in the game. Your score of 3/10 is horribly unfair, especially considering how well the game play mechanics and graphical artistry were executed. If you're not killing at least 5-10 enemies in 10 seconds or less simply by transforming and locking on dudes, you're playing the game wrong.

I have never gone out of bounds on a mission, I don't understand how you did so "on accident". You claim to have frame rate issues, I've found these simply don't exist. You say it's impossible to blow up 10 torpedoes, I definitely can do it in less than 20 seconds. Why are you using ship missiles on them, what the hell? Missiles aren't meant to be used that way. Use machine guns for torps dude. You go on about escorting like it's a primary game feature, it simply is not. You state the voice acting is bad, when it's clearly the flat, linear story telling that's the issue. I'm not saying Strike Suit Zero is perfect, but much of your reasoning/problems with the game are simply not true. It's at least worthy of a 7, certainly not a 3.

I'm sorry, but your toilet tier review rating for an excellent game simply because you're really, really bad at it, doesn't seem very fair to me. Consider playing again, this time, try learning to lock on to multiple targets with the strike suit and ffs use the Q and E buttons with it, that's probably why you feel so "stationary". Use machine guns on low armor or shielded enemies. When dog fighting, immediately lock on 2-3 swarm missiles while shooting machine guns as soon as you're in range. Your machine guns will eat all their shields up an instant before the missiles hit every single time. Massively impressive way to rack up kills in fighter mode so you can bundle up some flux, which when used properly, allows you to wipe out ~8 enemy fighters in late missions per full bar, within a few seconds.

@Doomspoon Holy crap, LOL!

Strike mode isn't for individual fighters! Why are you shooting lasers at frigates when you have a full flux bar? Also wtf fighter missiles? For this level? Good lord get some titans or swarms! lmfao

Nice lawler run though and it makes a good point, even doing thing absolutely horribly in the messiest way possible and you did that mission without THAT much difficulty. How the reviewer failed 30 times really shows just how bad they are at this game.

@FogHeart The game does a great job of explaining everything, it's just this asshole didn't read. It shouldn't have to babysit you in every single tiny aspect, it's a big boy game after all.

You don't see people down voting Heroes Of Newerth for not giving you a tutorial on every item in the game.
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