Violent games: "buck stops with parents"


8 years ago

Finally some people with a little bit of sense. I'm sick of game developers getting the blame and a bad name for making games that are Adult oriented which are rated 18+ for a reason.

Someone has now finally said the PARENTS should be the one to take the blame has they are the ones that A) tend to buy these games for the kids and B) let their kids play the things.

Why are parents saying the kids have no respect for authority or break the law when they allow them to play adult games therefore breaking the law themselves. As a Gamer and a Parent I think that any kids that are underage playing games that are for example 18+ and get found out, the parents should be the ones fined.

Also I think that Microsoft and Sony should use the age verification thing to deal with the age thing. If something is 15+ don't let a 14 year old or younger play it on their system.
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