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In fear of my life I went suddenly crazy, surrounded by beasts in a world of disease.

I am the man outside the box sitting back smokey coroners pick apart the fleshy bits for shits and giggle for the sake of not screaming fall silent leaves to the ground like so many tears jagged and ablaze leaving skeletons in the wake me up inside and brush the dust out of my eyes resolve the resolution until the contrast makes me wish to be blind to this course of self-destructive evolution adapt to harsh conditioning curious if there's any air worth breathing in the addled smoke-screen seething from a million pairs of sewn lips loose aboard this sinking ship of cattle ripe for slaughter the trick to not drowning is to stop breathing water life is not on the edge but in the balance and set to fall jagged tears ablaze skeletons in the rain until nothing of what we were remains self-depreciation drive another nail in the coffin hood bury it all let it rot then sell it off for the wood another day be wholly worthless but for the decay lay me to rest to dream only lies or sew it seams we condone to come undone.

Back and forth, up and down, ad infinitum, ad nausiam, et cetera and all that jazz. Life shifts, brap on.

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