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My names Mark.. I come from a "tarn" called Barnsley, tis alright except there's not that much to do really.. Im 20.. quite a fun loving guy, like to spend time with mi mates and also go into tarn on wednesdays and saturdays.. I play and watch football when a can.

I work at Ventura for Orange Broadband, tis the most boring job around but its good pay and have to great friends there.. i am looking for a new job though..

What i am going to do before i settle down though in the next 2 years or so, is go to Australia for about 6 - 12 months and just live another life somewhere else and better than england!

Please dont just read this and look at my photo, try and get to know me.. id like to think am funny and good to talk to.. so add me, and chat! :)

Cheers for reading!

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