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open minded, creative,open to all opinions, hates politics although sometimes its unavoidable. Loathes football, especially our overrated spoilt cheating overpaid england team. Anybody who starts discussing the greatness of the so called beautiful game is guaranteed to turn me right off them, sorry but at least Im honest.people assume me to be quiet but I will speak up if I feel the need to do so.loves music and film and enjoys the occasional night out with good company.loves spending time with family and loves writing and reading and occasionally playing videogames...if time permits.I love life in general.Hates celebrity culture and manufactured music like any x factor artist and x factor in general, hates so called reality tv but the 1st series of big brother was generally interesting as a social experiment then its all down hill from there ha ha.I hate fake people. and Ive met enough over the years to know who are true friends and those who are charlatans. Oh yeah...deep down Im actually quite sensitive you know too lol.

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