You've got male


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The last 10 games I have played:

Beyond [playing currently] (female lead)
Divinity Original Sin [currently playing] (lots of females, can play female)
DOTA 2 [currently playing] (plenty of females)
DMC (female secondary protagonist and antagonists)
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Female lead)
FFX-HD (Plenty of girls)
Infamous (two most important/powerful "good" characters beside main are female)
Borderlands 2 (females, bisexual character)
Last of Us (female lead, homosexual character)
Walking Dead Season 1 (plenty of female characters, most loved character female)

So yeah, I'm not even sure I buy that females are under-represented especially given the predominance of male console gamers.
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4 years ago

Eurogamer needs less patronising articles about diversity to be better at diversity.
Indeed, instead of endless articles about sexism why don't the EG fire a load of the guys and hire some gals? It comes across a tad hypocritical when a predominantly white, male staff writes about how sexism and racism are problems.
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PS4 system architect Mark Cerny working on a new indie game


4 years ago


Maybe it's my age (mid 40's)
One would like to hope that at 40 one wouldn't be so shallow, and appreciate the finer things in life over big explosions. Just goes to prove that maturity has little to do with age, eh?
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Don't judge Far Cry 4 by its cover, says game director


4 years ago

@7M7 After all it's not like the males are grotesque caricatures either...

And before anyone uses the "male power fantasy" BS:

False equivalence indeed - men are just as much objectified a women in the media. I wonder why Jacob was continually getting his top off in Twilight?
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Editor's blog: I am sexist


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Here you go Bertie and Tom. Here're two things you should meditate on so you can grow as people and chill out.
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Where does Tom accuse a game - an entire game - of being "sexist"? And slandering developers?
He accuses aspects of game design, such as the achievement in Red Dead, as being sexist. So why not put his money where his mouth is and call the sexist who game up with that achievement a sexist? Contact Rockstar and find out, after all we need more witch hunts in the gaming media over perceived (rather than actual) sexism.

If all GTA games are sexist, why not call out Rockstar?

Of course Tom also accuses the entire male population of being sexist, which is pretty slanderous basically anti-male. "Sexism" has been so warped by crack-pot feminists (and white knights) that we're now at the point at which simply being male makes you a sexist, and Tom is buying into this. There's even a sect of feminists that claim all vaginal intercourse is rape. All of it, even consensual intercourse. EG is about one step away from them at this point with statements like Tom's claiming all males are sexist. That statement is FAR more sexist than any anti-female sexism he talks about in the piece so he's right he's a sexist he just got it the wrong way around.

The whole point of the article is promote discussion and challenge existing perceptions and asking a question of why games are as they are...
AAA games are where they are because the majority of people who buy those games are men. Just as romance novels are the way they are because the majority of people who buy romance novels are female. It's hardly rocket science.

...and whether they can change
They don't have to nor should they. Games shouldn't be changing because they're gendered entertainment, there is nothing wrong with gendered entertainment. They could expand to meet the needs of women through *different* games, if there is a market for it. But that's a world away from endless criticising of current games for "being sexist" and demanding they change. There is nothing wrong with targeting males with your games, absolutely nothing. If a company wants to target females more power to them, but again that's a different argument from "games are sexist".

Games are a free market, and nobody has a right to try and censor them to forward their idealogical agenda. You can say all you want that they should change, doesn't change the fact that they shouldn't just because you (or anyone else) is "offended" by them.

And arguably games already exist that target women and are designed to suit them, they just aren't AAA games. Games like Candy Crush, the Sims and FarmVille have predominantly female player bases. Maybe women just aren't interested in CoD or GTA, and not because they're "sexist" but because they don't enjoy those genres?

How is Tom hypocritical when he begins the piece stating that he is a sexist. Nowhere is he calling for anyone else's resignation. He's calling for people to perhaps reassess what they think. And he's doing that. I'm doing that. I hope some other people are doing that. It's a slow process.
So is Tom promising he's never going to watch porn ever again? Are you? Because that's a place to start well before you work your way down to an achievement in Red Dead.

You absolutely should point out homophobia, sexism and racism if you see it in our writing and work, just as we'll highlight any of these issues when we see them in games.
Games aren't being simply criticised for being sexist, they're being criticised for "lack of representation". There is nothing sexist about not having a female character in Assassin's Creed Unity, yet that didn't stop EG (along with the rest of the gaming press) having a field day.

So if you can criticise a game for only featuring straight, white males then I (and every other reader) should be criticising EG for having pretty much only white straight males on staff. You criticise the industry of "being a boys club", so it's only fair we criticise you of the same.

So when are you guys gonna have equal representation of race, sex and orientation in your writing staff? Shall we start a witch hunt until you do, as following the example of the gaming press?

You can claim you (and the rest of EG) aren't hypocrites until you're blue in the face, but that doesn't change that you are. If you truly want equal representation in the industry, and an end to all this "sexism", you should start with your own staff rather than throwing stones. And that doesn't mean navel gazing and patting yourself on the back for how enlightened and progressive you are, it means having a staff of equal representation.
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4 years ago

If Tom wants to say that men are all sexists, and ask what he can do to right the wrongs of oppressed women, he can't just avoid starting with himself.
Cannot agree more.

So when can we expect the change in EG towers Tom? You need to get rid of all the males/sexists (since apparently they are the same thing) in office and replace them, surely?

Unless there is a significant change in the EG staff after this article you're only proving that you're a hypocrite and that is is simply about finger pointing, not actually "fixing" anything.
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4 years ago

Also, does anyone else wish all these sites would put their money where their mouth is?

Instead of saying "this game is sexist" or "this company is sexist" why don't you call out the sexists responsible for the sexism? Call out the artist and slander them, call out the designer and slander them.

Also, shouldn't you be firing your privileged white male staff and assembling a staff of equal representation of sex, race and sexual orientation? If you really cared about stamping out "sexism in the industry" maybe you should start with yourselves?

Honestly, this SJW stuff has to stop. They're the biggest bunch of hypocritical idiots in the world and spend their time pooping on people's parties. I remember the Verge did an article criticising Sony for having all males on stage in E3 2013, while their site's editorial and upper management staff was 100% male. What a joke. It's all finger pointing and self righteous bullshit.

If females want to make games that are politically and gender correct let them make their own studios.
And don't forget that they will have millions of pounds from white knights throwing money at them when they want to fund it via kickstarter. Although history shows that "female targeted" products are just as sexist as male targeted ones, so any game made by an all female dev would likely be just as "sexist" as current games are.

But then if a guy complained about the Twilight-version of a video game being sexist they would probably be laughed at, rather than pandered to. More sexism right there.

@Bertie I don't think you should resign just to have your job taken by another white, middle class, hetrosexual male. If however, there was a suitable replacement from an under represented group in society then if you are true to your sentiments you should be delighted to be replaced
Don't bother, expecting them to put their money where their mouth is would be asking too much. If these articles and emotions were genuine there would be a big shake-up at EG towers and most of the straight, white males would be resigning so that under-represented groups could take their place. This won't happen because it's not genuine. Just the usual finger pointing.

But I think we should take every opportunity from now on to point out how sexist/homophobic/racist the composition of the EG staff is. What's good for the goose is good for the gander after all.
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4 years ago

NOTE: Whether women "choose" to be in porn or not is irrelevant - it's still objectification, and if objectification is sexist it's sexist. You can objectify yourself, doesn't make it any less sexist.

It is also sexist to say all these "men in the gaming industry" are harming women, yet the women that objectify themselves (and there are plenty) aren't and don't deserve to be criticised. The women of the porn industry and r/gonewild on Reddit do more to objectify women than any video game could hope to.

By the same measure, is it OK for a female artist to design scantily clad women to go in a game, yet it is sexist for a male to do the same? And how do we know these virtual women aren't "choosing" to wear skimpy clothes?

When you're complaining about objectification of literal objects (virtual characters) but defending objectification of actual women, you know your world view is out of whack. Like I said Tom, I hope you don't ever watch porn or you're a massive hypocrite.

When it comes down to sexism, video games are by a massive way the smallest fish in the pond. Ask the average woman how much the sexist conspiracy of video games has affected her life. She would laugh at you, and say she couldn't care less.
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4 years ago

I wonder at what point people are going to stop trying to make me feel guilty about being a straight white male.

And honestly, what constitutes "sexism" today has little to do with actual sexism. AAA video games are gendered entertainment, but that isn't "sexism" and it isn't wrong. It is simply a product targeting a profitable demographic, nothing more and nothing less. No massive sexist conspiracy, which surely has to exist for articles like this to fight.

Plenty of things are gendered the other way - romance novels are a prime example. Where are the articles on book websites discussing how sexist those novels (which make up a massive proportion of book sales, and were the single largest genre in 2012) are?

So let's get some facts straight - not choosing to represent a sex, orientation or race in your game is not hate crime against those people. Having attractive people (of either sex) is not a hate crime against that sex.

I would love to go through the internet history of all these social justice warriors - because I certainly hope they don't watch any porn which is far more "sexist", and objectifies women far more than any video game could hope to. Serious question Tom, do you watch any porn? You should be more ashamed of how that makes you a sexist than enjoying video games.

The problem in the industry isn't that games are sexist. It's that games are aimed at and designed around males, they aren't sexist they are gendered. I'm all for more diverse games that appeal to women, but that doesn't mean we should be criticising and condemning current games. What we need is MORE games that are different, not to try and whinge about the ones that already exist.

People play the "ism"/"ist" card far too often in this day and age.

I have never treated a woman badly in my life, I in no way feel they are inferior to men. However I do enjoy looking at attractive females, and enjoy "saving" them because I'm a straight male and have been biologically programmed to feel that way. It doesn't make me a sexist, any more than any sexually dimorphic animal male is sexist for being attracted to, and feeling protective of, the female of its species with which it would like to mate. So you have to either accept that nature is sexist, and therefore it is the natural way, or that such feelings aren't sexist. Either way there's nothing wrong with them.

TL:DR Games aren't sexist, they're gendered entertainment. There is nothing wrong, nor sexist about current games. You can argue that we need games that appeal to women, fine, but that doesn't mean criticising games that aren't designed to appeal to women. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with designing a product for a particular sex. There is nothing wrong with having attractive women in a product either - sex sells.

your writing this article simply because it makes you feel as though you are above others, because your SO awesome, and your SO smart, and SO special, that you can actually see and admit that your sexist. While everyone else is also sexist but they are too stupid to realize it.

And boy, do you have some fucking nerve by saying that people who disagree with you are just ignorant fools who are too naive to "comprehend" how sexist our society is. Couldn't it be that people who disagree with you also have great points?
Indeed. I love the "you disagree because you're a sexist" argument, or "check your privilege" as it is often now. Anyone who utters such words is indeed a sexist and racist, because they are dismissing someone's opinion based on sex and race, not the inherent worth of the opinion.

So yes Tom you probably are sexist, but the opposite to the way you think you are. You have been brainwashed into the "all men are sexists" sexism, which is what you say in your article. So please work on stopping being such a man hater.
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Microsoft's E3 press conference


4 years ago


Sure, Halo anniversary, Scaleborn, Crackdown and Fable. Nothing that will convince anyone to buy an XBONE over the PS4 if they were on the fence. They needed to blow this E3 out of the park to change the momentum, and they have nothing coming until at least Christmas 2015 - few exclusives, none of which are coming for a year and a half.
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4 years ago

"Well, haters, MS sure is bringing it."

@sanctusmortis Bringing what? All these games are on PS4, and will run better on the PS4. They have next to no exclusives. Why would anyone buy an XBONE over the PS4 based on this?
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4 years ago

So they're putting up loads of videos of games that will run better on the PS4? I mean seriously, do they have nothing?
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PS4 and Xbox One double sales of predecessors during first six months in US


4 years ago

@NathanDaviesUK Impartial doesn't mean that you can't slate something when it's deserved, it simply means you either praise or slate things for objective and fair reasons.

It is objectively fair to slate the XO sales. The argument that it has sold well is based on front loaded launch numbers - since then it has sold exceptionally poorly. And FYI, the WiiU had exceptional launch numbers as well and look how that ended up.

The Xbox One sold less in April than the 360 ever sold in an April - and that's straight after launch, with Titanfall and a massive price cut.

Anyone who thinks the XO is doing well must be wondering why MS are slashing the price and doing a kinnectless SKU. The truth is it isn't doing well, the sales have dropped off a cliff since launch despite things like Titanfall and basically an unofficial price cut of 100 here (350 with titanfall).

Unless MS do something to turn the ship around quickly the XO will be a 20-30 million max console, and an utter failure. The longer the PS4 decimates the XO in sales the less chance they have of clawing back marketshare in the "play with friends" online game world we live in.
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Amazon, Asda drop Titanfall Xbox One bundle to 349


4 years ago

If I were an early adopter I would be exceptionally pissed off right now. ~130 price drop within 6 months of the console launch.

You guys should be demanding "ambassador" compensation.
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The Story of DOTA


4 years ago

@Mooglepies "I agree. I have never seen a community so acerbic, so vitriolic in nature. They're proper sweary, like. At first I thought it was because the genre is heavily, heavily weighted towards competitive play, but I then realised so are most fighting games, and their community seems to be just fine."

There is a massive and fatal flaw in your logic with this comparison.

DOTA is a team game. You can ruin it for other people by being bad.

TBH this should be required reading for anyone looking to get into it:

It explains how the game works and everything you need to know to play, and also why you'll probably be terrible at it for a long time.
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Angry Birds Epic is a turn-based RPG


4 years ago

@INSOMANiAC Actually micro-transactions are causing massive harm to the games industry.

They're turning games into gambling skinner boxes with no other aim than swindling as much money out of their "consumers" (read: addicts) as possible.

And Rovio are leading the charge. Honestly this kind of stuff should be illegal. They're like cigarette companies, sure it's legal to do but it sure isn't moral.
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Xbox One closing monthly US sales gap on PS4


4 years ago

@Pumpatron Mobile gaming killed the Wii market, but clearly not the PS3/360 market. The people that made the claims about console gaming being dead were never console gamers and don't even understand why a game like Titanfall or MGS is different to Candy Crush or Farmville. To those commentators a game is a game.

The casual market will likely never buy another dedicated console now they have their tablets and phones, this is true. It's why Nintendo are in such a dire situation right now after pandering to this market the last generation.
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4 years ago

@Negotiator For that month. And maybe not even that month if the PS4 gets more stock allocation.

I think people are underestimating the social aspect of this generation of games. People will be buying the consoles that their friends have so they can play together, so the further the PS4 gets ahead of the XBO the harder and harder it will be to sell the XBO. It might be selling 2:1 roughly worldwide at the moment, but it's supply constrained and that ratio will likely increase as more people buy what their friends have.

The strong start the PS4 has is a massive advantage.
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4 years ago

I wouldn't say being outsold in your prime territory by a supply constrained competitor while your biggest game of the year (and only hope) is a few weeks away something to be crowing about...

Basically Feb/Mar/Apr are the only chance Xbone has of outselling the PS4 probably for the rest of the generation unless things drastically change.
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When will we see a gay protagonist in a triple-A game?


4 years ago

@Modhabobo I have heard homosexual friends us the word "gay" synonymously with "bad". So they're homophobes too?

Or maybe they just aren't so sensitive.

Should Christians get upset every time someone uses Jesus or God as a swearword? Most don't, and accept it as part of vernacular and usually has no bearing on their opinion of the Christian religion.
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4 years ago

@Zyklonbzombie You're being judgmental on so many levels.

First you assume that anyone against forced inclusion of homosexual characters (ie censorship) is homophobic.

Secondly you assume anyone that isn't expressly gay in a game is a "perfectly good straight white male".

You're the one making assumptions about the sexuality of the characters in games. In 80%+ of games we have no idea what sexuality the character is, yet you're assuming that they're straight, and then complaining that homosexuals are being oppressed because of your own judgemental assumptions, which are exactly the assumptions you claim to despise.
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4 years ago

Isn't it homophobic to assume that they aren't gay? In 80%+ of games sexuality is never mentioned, we don't know if the protagonist is gay (or even bisexual) or not. Master Chief could be gay. Mario could be gay. Nathan Drake could be bisexual.

This is all just agenda pushing. Do they want an *obviously* gay main character? Or would they then complain of stereotyping?

"Why does it really matter what sexuality a character is if the game doesn't involve any sort of sex or love themes at all?"

It doesn't. Unless you are agenda pushing, and honestly it should be stamped out rather than white knighted as it will be by the self-righteous back-patters. I can't be bothered with this crap, how about making fun games rather than worry about being politically correct?

"Anyone should be able to make their game protagonist whatever gender, sex, sexual orientation, nationality or ethnicity they choose, without having to justify the choice."

Or how about main characters be what is most appropriate to what the story is? You already have all those options in games with character creation, you want to censor all other games now?

I didn't realise censorship became a good thing when it's what you want and makes you happy.

"Frankly, If you aren't part of the creative team behind the game, then you don't get a say in what goes into it, and if you want to change the world, make your own game with any character you choose."

Spot on. If you want to have a certain representation of a person or group in a game then MAKE IT and stop telling other people what kind of games they can/can't make.
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Now European Commission investigates free-to-play games


4 years ago

It's sad that it takes external bodies to make publishers act like decent entities, rather than try to extort as much money out of their "customers".

It's now at the sate where nearly all F2P games are designed to take advantage of a small subset of users and bleed them for as much money as possible. It's utterly, utterly disgusting.

All the more respect to valve et al who get it right.
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GameStop selling Xbox One Titanfall bundle for 370


4 years ago

Early adopters should be majorly pissed off - they should all be getting Titanfall for free to make up for being penalised for supporting the platform. We all understand console prices go down over time, but a 70+ drop (including the game) in the console's third month is insane.

Also a big price drop 3 months into a console's lifespan isn't a good sign - those Feb NPD numbers are probably going to be worse than the Jan ones if this is any indication. Seems the Xbox One is following the WiiU sales trajectory - strong 2-3 million sales launch month, which then fall off a cliff once the fanboys have theirs and nobody else wants it.
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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare won't have microtransactions at launch


4 years ago

@Baihu1983 Have you heard of a website called Eurogamer that has a section called digital foundry, which has been "going on and on about resolution" (and other technical issues) for many years now?

It's funny that people suddenly have a problem with it. More to do with not hearing what they want to hear rather than there being something wrong with covering technical issues I suspect, especially at the start of a new generation.

Or do you all think that a consumer deciding which next gen console to buy should not have easy access to that kind of information? And leave MS and EA to trick them into thinking games are running at 1080p with weasel words and scalers?
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4 years ago

@trufflesonline "As annoying as it is that my console doesn't output at 1080p for most games its far more annoying having article after article about it."

Why would it bother you, unless you regret your decision to buy it and don't want to hear about its failings?

The XBO versions of games are going to be technically inferior to PS4 versions, if you don't want to hear that you might as well stop reading about videogames, stick your head in the sand and try to live in the ignorant bliss you seem to want.

Unfortunately XBO gamers are just going to have to get used to it, rather than demand it stop being covered just so they don't feel so bad about their purchase despite claiming otherwise.

"It might be more newsworthy in the future to report when an xbox one game does actually output at 1080p instead of when it doesn't."

And then somebody might be fooled by all the hand-waving and snake oil scaling MS is trying to sell to consumers. It's the job of sites such as this to make sure that their readers are informed, and as such are duty-bound to point out the inferiority of XBO versions of games so that consumers can make informed decisions.
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4 years ago

That actually looks quite fun... The cynic in me wants to think of it as a cash in, but in a world of grey-brown dude-bro shooters this looks refreshing.

EDIT: Also I find it very annoying how MS (and supporting companies) try to claim their games "output" at 1080p when they're scaling to that. It's purposefully trying to mislead people.

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PS4 sales shoot through 5m target ahead of Japan launch


4 years ago

@Rev0Knuckle The Wii U also sold ~3 million in it's first two months. Wouldn't read too much into good sales the first few months.

"A fool and his money are easily parted... it is what marketing does. Buy an XB1 because you are well informed & clever... not because you are a mislead fool."

Exactly. Unfortunately I think MS have tried to mislead people a lot with their comments, embargos and attempts to demand parity on titles. Most MS fans say stuff like "you can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p" etc. Balanced system. Blah blah.

The XBO is significantly inferior technically to the PS4 - people need to stop trying to claim otherwise. They also need to stop claiming that the differences "don't make a difference". They absolutely do, especially when the game is running better on the significantly cheaper console.

It got to the point where MS fanboys (like cloud) were claiming the XBO had a secret GPU that MS would unlock at some point.
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Tech Analysis: Titanfall beta on Xbox One and PC


4 years ago

@cloudskipa (On DR3) "it's perfectly smooth"

You are an utter joke of a human being Cloud. Seriously. I don't understand how anyone can literally lie to others and themselves so much with a straight face.

"It's more about the overall experience it offers as a console that's appealing, not simply one thing such as resolution or FPS."

Yet you lay the boot in every time you could on the PS3, and would most certainly be doing the same if the situation was the other way around. Strange that Cloud, almost as if you're a pathetic, hypocritical and delusional fanboy!

Please just stop cloud, by this point you are the laughing stock of the entire site. People come into these threads just to take joy in provoking you. You're the EG jester. You're embarrassing yourself, just stop. Go enjoy your X1, put your fingers in your ears and live in a world where it's the best console. Just don't subject the rest of us to your insanity.
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PS4 sold nearly double Xbox One in US last month


4 years ago

@dogmanstaruk "Without competition there would be no reason for Sony to be "pro-gamer" or "pro-consumer". They would do what they want, and you know what would happen"

Sony at their worst was the PS3 launch. And I would take that over what MS tried to pull with the Xbox One. Sony care about making good artistic games, and care about the industry in a way that MS don't, you would never get an ICO or Shadow of the Colossus if MS were dominating. To MS gaming and gamers are just something to rape for profit at any expense, as they tried to do with the original Xbox One and policies.

MS have not been a positive influence on the industry, if you look at the last 10 years a lot of bad practices have come into the industry and most of them are the same profit driven, anti-consumer ethos that MS oozes from every orifice.

It's not that Sony and Nintendo aren't interested in your money, but MS are clearly ONLY interested in your money.
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Watch Dogs delayed again on Wii U


4 years ago

This is the problem of positioning yourself as a secondary console, a massive mistake Nintendo made with the Wii and Wii U, although they were lucky with the Wii that it became a fad. Nintendo fans will probably rail on me for saying that, but the Wii was absolutely a fluke. Outside the Wii Nintendo home consoles have been on a downward spiral for two decades, no reason to assume the outlier is the norm (or repeatable).
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Hyper Light Drifter delayed until the "holiday season"


4 years ago

@menage Problem is if everybody took that attitude it would never be done.

It's like all the articles saying "You shouldn't buy next gen consoles, just wait". I honestly think they are damaging to the industry, if everyone took that advice no next gen console is going to ever take off.
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In Theory: Can Microsoft produce a new, cut-price Xbox One?


4 years ago

Actually does anyone put much stock in amazon's best selling list? Because at the moment the PS4 is number one, the Xbox One is a shocking 85 (it drops pretty much every time I check it out of interest).

If that's an indication of general interest the One is looking pretty screwed now the hardcore fans all have theirs...

EDIT: Love whatever Xbox fanboy who's butt-hurt by reality that downvoted this. I'm just asking a question if people think those rankings are accurate, because honestly it's such a disparity that I'm having a hard time believing it, and if it is indicative MS are in BIG trouble.
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4 years ago

@null It's being outsold by the PS4 1.5:1 while the PS4 is supply constrained, that will probably go upwards once it isn't, and continue to go up as word of mouth spreads and the PS4 is seen as the "correct" choice, and people want to play with their friends (who will have PS4s more than likely).

Also remember the WiiU sold a couple of million in its first few months too.

Rumours are the Jan NPD numbers for the One aren't great, and Tomb Raider sold over twice as much on PS4 as the One. Also the PS4 is number one on Amazon right now, the One is somewhere around 50.

Consoles ALWAYS sell out on launch to the millions of hardcore fanboys. But with a more expensive and inferior console, with fewer first party developers that is already being outsold by the PS4 doesn't suggest a bright future, no matter how many moneyhat games MS buy like Titanfall.

The PS4 has more (and arguably better) first party developers and third party games are going to be better on the PS4 too.
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Dead Island is tomorrow's free Games With Gold offering


4 years ago

@cloudskipa "this is the problem with fanboys like you"

Cloud, you actually cannot be serious? I think the most hilarious thing about you is the complete lack of insight, it borders on mental illness if you can't see yourself as the biggest (and most notrious) fanboy on this site. Seriously Cloud, if anyone and I mean ANYONE was asked to name the biggest and most ludicrous fanboy on this site every single person would come up with your name. Do you think you're the only one that can see the truth, and that the rest of us are crazy? Or maybe, just maybe, there's a chance that since EVERYONE disagrees with you and thinks you're a fanboy that actually that's the truth.

Serious question Cloud, do you not realise that you're a blind MS fanboy and that every single post you make is hilariously biased? You accuse me of not staying on topic, you were joking right? Because you used this opportunity, as you always do, to take a stab at Sony (PS3 dead rising version being inferior to the 360 on, not being a "rental), which was why I took you down a peg.

It reeks of insecurity.

Seriously Cloud, do you need help?

"Ryse is the best looking console game I've ever played and the gameplay isn't too shabby either."

Reviews say otherwise, fanboy.

"Though you have to admit X1 has some distance to go to qualify as the PS4's whipping boy in quite the same way as the PS3 was in relation to 360"

The difference between the PS4 and X1 games is far FAR bigger than between the PS3 and 360. Not only that but the X1 can't even hope that more experience with it will close the gap since while the PS3 was more difficult to program for in some ways it was more powerful than the 360. The X1 is both more difficult to program for and less powerful in EVERY way.

How is that magical secret GPU you were talking about holding up? Or can you come to terms that you're such a fanboy that you're mentally ill and delusional?

Either that or, as already said, you're on MS's payroll.
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4 years ago


"shambles of a mockery that is the PS3 version"

How're you enjoying those Xbox One multiplatform games?
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New cheaper Xbox One model this year - report


4 years ago

@frazzl I think Don abandoning ship, the DRM, the poor multi-platform games, basically every policy having to be reversed because gamers were so disgusted, the fact that TV features don't work anywhere except America, being far more expensive yet not offering anything better (and many things worse) etc trumps the PS3 by quite a margin. Also add in the fact that MS had to abandon the 360 for a year just to have any exclusive games for launch.

You mention Sony removing back compatability and being more expensive.

The Xbox One doesn't have back compatibility to remove, is more expensive yet unlike the PS3 doesn't offer anything superior to its competitor like blu ray or built in wifi which the PS3 had over the 360 (kinnect is a joke at this point, we're multiple years in without any good games).

In my 20 years of gaming I've never seen such a shambles and such a negative stink surround a console at launch.
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4 years ago

I think the Xbox One is the biggest mess of a launch I've seen in 20-odd years of being a gamer. Absolute shambles.
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Microsoft ad asks you to "ditch your PS3"


4 years ago

A lot of the moves MS have been making reek of desperation these days, and to look at the relative positions of the One and PS4 on Amazon it's little wonder (go on, look at the chart postions!), the PS4 has been supply constrained while One demand seems to be drying up - I predict poor Jan and Feb sales for MS.

So for the same price you can buy a superior console AND be backwards compatible (with the "free" PS3).

Keep on trying MS. If only they'd put this much effort into making the One more powerful.

EDIT: To save you looking up, vanilla PS4 is No. 1 (and out of stock), Xbox is 52 (and in stock, obviously). Two other PS4 bundles are ahead of the One and even the PS4 camera is outselling it.
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Next-Gen Face-Off: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition


4 years ago

Honestly unless you have a massive boner for master chief it's really hard to justify why anyone would get an Xbox One over a PS4 unless something drastically changes over the next year. 90% of titles released on these consoles will be multiplatform, and therefore perform significantly better on the cheaper PS4. MS have never been known for their exclusives or studios either so it's not like they can rely on exclusives to sell the console (which is why they're panic throwing cash around at stuff like Titanfall). They clearly bet HARD on Kinnect and TVTVTVTVTVTV, and it isn't going to pay off.

Why would you design a console around broadcast TV, an outdated way of viewing TV that is rapidly becoming obsolete? I'm sure plenty of people watch broadcast TV, but they aren't the people that will buy a 400+ console just so they don't have to find the remote. The One is a console that's a jack of all trades and master of none.

Must be completely heart breaking for the Xbox fanboys.
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Performance analysis: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition


4 years ago

Gosh the Xbox One defenders are saying that 30 fps is better than 60fps now too?

And another disappointing MS defence piece from DF, losing a lot of respect for EG here. Maybe 30fps is a more "balanced" frame rate, as was talked about in the ridiculous "interview" Richard did with the Xbox devs which was basically free PR, utter BS in other words, and completely unchallenged.

Don't forget guys, the Xbox One costs 80 MORE than the PS4 which is kicking all kinds of crap out of it in these multi-platform games, and much moreso than in the previous generation. I'm all for being non-partisan, but at this point it is partisan to do anything but say the PS4 is a superior machine.

Also, where are all the idiots (including EG) suggesting on many occasions that there "wouldn't be much difference" between the two consoles? Crawled into their holes no doubt, rather than admit they're wrong.

Call a spade a spade - the PS4 massively outperforms the One. Not by a little bit, not by a few frames here and there like last gen. By a massive amount.

I wonder what would have been written if those framerates were a 360 game compared to a PS3 game, would DF be so "non-partisan" about it?

Seeing the video drop to 18 fps (unmentioned in the article) and all the screen tearing (again unmentioned) in the Xbone version is pretty fishy.
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State of Decay dev signs multi-year agreement with Microsoft


4 years ago

MS made some blunders last year and deserved the finger pointing back then, but it is time to move on
Trying to completely screw over customers and developers to please publishers and make lots of money, all is forgiven and forgotten 6 months later?

This is why we can't have nice things. This is why year-on-year companies like MS and EA can do terrible things and get away with them, because people are so quick to forget and "move on".

It is not time to move on, not by a long shot. And I say that as an original Xbox and launch day 360 owner.

MS need to pay dearly to show, without doubt, that the microtransaction, always online, DRMed to the hilt, publisher focused hell that they tried to force on us is unacceptable. Not only that but the console is both inferior and more expensive, because they want to force Kinect on people that don't want or need it. They also still have a horrible MT policy and bullying multi-platform policy.

Honestly MS have shown that they are not responsible enough to be trusted with gaming's future. They don't care about gaming, unlike Sony and Nintendo. Say what you want about Nintendo or Sony at their worst, neither come close to the kind of reprehensible crap MS was coming out with last year.


Implying inept mistakes. They tried to rape us hard and didn't get away with it, it wasn't a blunder.
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Fixing Forza 5: How Turn 10 wants to win fans back


4 years ago

@TheNinjaWarriorAGAIN But by all accounts GT6's microtransactions have not changed the progression of the game. They haven't made the grind harder while continually urging you to pay like MS.

This is yet another example of MS trying to screw gamers any way they can for profit. The latest in a long line.

I honestly can't remember a company having to say "sorry" so much in the run up to the launch of a console and shortly after it.

We all know what the XBO would be if MS could get away with it. Which is why nobody should be supporting them.

It's OK to say sorry for a mistake. Saying sorry when you try to screw someone over and don't get away with it is pretty meaningless.

MS are sorry they've been caught, in every instance, not sorry for the way they've behaved. Could they have gotten away with all the XBO bullshit they've tried they would not be apologising.

Stop defending them. The way MS have treated gamers and the industry at large over the past year is an utter disgrace.
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Xbox One sells 2 million in 18 days


4 years ago

It's not necessarily good for both consoles to be selling if the companies are spending so much money on trying to compete with each other that neither make a profit. It's called the "tragedy of the commons", where competition over a limited resource means everyone fails.

Worth keeping in mind. Especially with MS's previous tactics of using their massive pockets to outspend competitors and make a loss until their competitor can no longer keep up giving them a monopoly where they can then begin to make money.

I believe the data shows that both Sony and MS made losses on their consoles overall last generation. This is not sustainable yet both are competing with the other beyond their means.

And as I've said previously, I don't see how anyone that cares about the industry can support MS or buy their consoles. We saw what they wanted the future of games to be - they are anti-consumerist, anti-developer and anti-art. Say what you want about Sony at their worst but I would far rather take Ken Kutaragi's PS3 than Don Mattrick's XBO (as originally envisioned before the backlash).

MS will say that their backtracking shows they're listening to customers. All it shows is that they tried to screw their customers over and didn't get away with it.

So given that it is clearly unsustainable for both MS and Sony to continue to complete, and what both companies stand for with regards to the future of gaming I've bought a PS4 and will never buy an XBO. I will buy a WiiU before an XBO, as I feel this is a more responsible use of my money and better for gaming.

Sorry, I mean "Yay, politically correct meaningless statement of equality upvote plz".
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Microsoft reveals loads of indies developing for Xbox One


4 years ago

"MS now realise their strong arm bullying tactics will no longer work now that PS4 is dominating."

Is what this should read.

I am absolutely flabbergasted that MS have gotten away with being such scum bags for so long and no journalists have called them out on it.
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PlayStation 4 UK launch sales hit 250k


4 years ago

@Kami "I think people who are expecting Nintendo to go multi-platform need to remember that Iwata has expressly stated if the home console division dies off, that's it for home console games. There will NEVER be a third-party Nintendo. They did that with the CDi, and it was terrible.

This means if Wii U dies, you won't ever see a Mario, a Zelda, a Metroid, Pikmin or any Nintendo-branded game license on your PS4 or XBox One. They'll just stick it on the handheld market only."

And it's that kind of thinking that's resulted in the WiiU disaster.

The phrase "cuttings one's nose off to spite one's face" comes to mind. Nintendo could make a killing releasing third party games on consoles with massive user-bases.

But you're saying they'll refuse to because of what, pride? They would screw over gamers and their company because they're too proud to admit defeat?

There is no logical or compelling reason for Nintendo releasing console hardware, only an emotional one. I'm a Nintendo fan, have owned a N64, GC, Wii but it's clear the Wii was a fluke and they've lost the home console race. As much money as the 1 million or so WiiU's they're going to sell each year would make them, they'd make a lot more by selling 50+ million copies of their games on the other consoles.
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PS4 fastest-selling console in UK history


4 years ago

And had Mario been released on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and 360 how many copies would it have sold? How much money would Nintendo be raking in? And how much happier would gamers be?

Just saying.

The tragedy is Mario's sales, here and in Japan. It deserves so much more but it's shackled to a system that people just aren't interested in.
Indeed, Nintendo games are shackled to hardware nobody's interested in. I personally think they should be set free.
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PS4 looks set to break records at launch


4 years ago

There are going to be loads of exclusives for both consoles, so lets settle in for some awesome gaming.
Personally I think this kind of political correctness is half the problem. MS tried to completely screw their customers over and control them, and would have done it could they get away with it. They're putting microtransactions in all their PAID FOR games and thus compromising the games to make more money. They are in bed with EA, historically one of the most destructive and anti-consumerist entities in the business.

Like I said in another post, I don't see how anyone that cares about the industry can support MS in any way whatsoever. They care about money and nothing but, that's the only reason the Xbox exists. They don't care about consumers or the industry and they have demonstrated that with what they wanted to do to both with their original always-on, DRM and microtransaction laden "vision" of the Xbox One.

Not that Nintendo or Sony don't care about money, but with the games both those companies put out and the way they approach the industry it's also clear they care about videogames as a medium. Say what you want about Sony but I would take the insane hubris that produced the PS3 over the anti-consumerist, anti-art, shareholder and publisher pandering MS any day.

Not only that but MS pulls really shady strong arm tactics on developers behind the scenes - like refusing to allow games on the 360 if the PS3 version was better, the XBLA stuff that means most devs that deal with them (like Team Meat) refuse to work with them ever again etc. Many people suspect they were demanding that PS4 games not be better than XBO games and that's why many launched at 720p only to be later patched to 1080p when it became clear that nobody was playing by MS's game and the PS4 was outselling the One so they couldn't strong-arm. I don't know if that's true, but the fact it wouldn't surprise me if it was says a lot.

Let's not even get into their developers - Bungie clearly loved working with them, as did Molyneaux and Corinne Yu. They've really matured Rare from their terrible Nintendo days.

PS4 is a machine built for the gamers and developers. The Xbone was clearly built for publishers and shareholders. That's all I need to know in order to decide where to put my money and this is speaking as an original Xbox and 360 owner.

The Microsoft and EA vision of gaming future is my nightmare. I will not be supporting them, my money will go to Sony and Nintendo.

/rant over

Now we wait for the politically correct brigade to downvote and say "all systems have their merits" yada yada yada.
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Forza 5 offers half off cars this weekend and more


4 years ago

@TheNinjaWarriorAGAIN If it were that easy to earn cars why would anyone buy credits? Some of the cars cost 30, so what is the point in the microtransactions if nobody's going to buy them?

This is were everyone has the issue. In order to make microtransactions work you have to make them a good value proposition, they have to offer an advantage over not buying them. If they weren't in the game you would be earning new cars significantly faster, and thus they have changed the game for the worse for the soul purpose of earning money. All this after you've already paid 430 for the new console and 40-50 for the game.

It's garbage. It's indefensible. Microtransactions do not belong in paid for games end of story - because they compromise the game which people are paying for. You are paying for a compromised game so that MS can make more money. That's what's crazy about this whole thing.

The only good thing that's come from the Xbox One is that it's forced Sony to up their game.

Like I said before, I don't know how anyone that cares about the gaming industry can support Microsoft.

It's all just sickening.
Cannot agree more. MS wants your money and to control you, and will do anything to trick you into it. This entire Xbox One fiasco has demonstrated exactly why nobody in their right mind should be supporting MS financially by buying an Xbox One or defending them.
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