Retrospective: Freespace 2


7 years ago

Both brilliant games, very high on my list of all time greats and an utter pity that no one makes space combat games anymore.

The sound of those beam cannons charging, the tone rising as you desperately maxed the afterburners. I don't think you were ever actually the target, but every now and then you would get evaporated into a cloud of ionised atoms, caught between capitol ships exchanging fire.

The first game, where you were initially fighting the Vasudans, then these strange black and red ships turn up and start toasting everyone. Then you realise that you can't hurt them because they've got shields and you haven't. Cue hasty tatical retreat. Run. Run away!

So much goodness. Being able to select which ship to use and then adjust the loadout. Heavy fighter bomber with a full compliment of swarm missiles and maybe a couple of space bombs to take out the big stuff. \o/

I think it might be time to dust off the Saitek and download those mods.
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There's no place like Homeworld


8 years ago

Brilliant game. Brilliant series of games. All 3 are currently installed on my laptop, maybe time for another run through....

I think the one flaw I can think of in the first game was the ship capture ability. I did one play through where I captured everything I could get my hands on, ended up with a fleet that disappeared into the fog. It included all 16 multi-beam frigates from the Garden of Kadesh ;P. The cloak frigates nearer the end of the game made capturing even easier.

Cataclysm was fantastic, reminded me of Freespace 2 in some ways, the fact that you were effectively fighting a rear guard action for most of the game, just lucky to survive from mission to mission.

I'm mainly a console gamer these days, but Homeworld 3 would definitely sway me towards an expensive PC upgrade.
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