Portal 2's excursion funnels bewilder and delight


8 years ago

This must be what MENSA nightmares look like. I can't wait.

A Boy and His Blob gameplay


9 years ago

Who doesn't cheer when there's an alligator in their treehouse!? This game will be awesome. Now bring back Little Nemo too.

Revolution's real name


12 years ago

HEY! F***** WII!!!?!?

I got another idea, why not call i MES? Mongoloid Entertainment System! Perfect for retards of all ages.
I am THE Nintendo fan, but what in the name of the holy church of England is going on? I can't wait to see Reggie
explain this one.. "We wanted a machine that would attract gamers of all kinds... oh and you actually control it with your wee, we're releasing the female version later this year... the VAG"

Those games better be unbelievable or we have another Virtual Boy on our hands... (That name was pretty F'ed up too if you ask me).

Urge to move into the forest rising....

Luren out