Treyarch vows to fix Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 leaderboard resets


5 years ago

Reading the coments I thought i'd add my two pence

I made the comment in the news article above, so heres a bit extra behind it

I play all sorts of video games for a variety of reasons, on cod its to compete with my friends to see whos doing better not to get to the top of the leaderboards in the world, why do i car if randomer A is better then be but one of my friends? Sure why not i want to be better then him. I play fifa with one person with our epic twenty minute halves. I play halo online and if you've ever played against me i'm the one running around like a headless chicken usually responsible fornthe team losing but i play it for those few moments of awesome teamplay that does come along. I play minecraft and while everyone is building something awesome i'm usually found playing with redstone trying to figure out how to make something awesome with it (one day my lift will work).

But different people play the same games for different reasons, some play cod because they want that tenth prestige, some play cod and its important to have a good k/d. Some play halo just for team swat and that buzz of the headshot takedown. Some play fifa because they want to be the best online or have the best ultimate team. Some people play minecraft because they want to build a recreation of something awesome, others just play it to build a ten foot golden penis. Hell i know someone who spends a lot of his time on warcraft and is always happy to go on about the fact he has smoking green shoulders or something like that.

My point is that as we have gotten older with games we seem to have lost the fun factor with them and all we can do is complain and moan at each other if they don't play the way we think they should, but lets apply minecraft logic to all video games. They are all a blank canvas and the fun experiences we have with them are what we decide. If you care about if your better then your friends then thats your fun, if you want to make sure you have an awesome k/d good for you. If you want to be the best at halo headshotting brilliant. Oh you've got a kung fu panda in warcraft great. You've trained a team of just electric pokemon to take down the elite 4 brilliant. Because that the way you've chosen to play the game and thats the way your getting your fun out of it. Eveyones different if we weren't then life would be boring. Everyone does want to have fun but its what we think is fun that differs.

So like eurogamer are leading the way with how they review games now after the rab controversy, lets lead the way as a games community that cares about the actual games and not how each other plays them, after all we don' want this site to become like ign's comment threads do we :p

More on topic I think its treyarchs non comunication with the fans thats getting on peoples nerves,ike @hippyjump pointed out there are issues with the game that still havent been addressed or even talked about by treyarch, if you look at there twitter feed it has less posts then a comment thread about barbie horse adventures. Activisions customer support reply times leave a lot to be desired (at present im still waiting for a reply). At least eurogamer have taken time out of there day to draw attention to the issue. If we all have issues then ask eurogamer to do the same, comment on the stories with how the issues are affecting you and we might get more noticed.

@bad09 the old school arcade is kind of what i like about the leaderboards, even hitman taps into this now with ita contracts mode, it will never be the same as say all being gathered around an arcade cabinet at sega world competing for who's better but its more add to the nostalgia feeling. Maybe I'm just getting old. But yeah i agree we should be playing for fun whatever our interpretations of that may be.
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Live Sony E3 PlayStation Conference


7 years ago

So this is what Sgt. Al Powell can do when he gets his twinkies
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Nintendo looking outside Q4


11 years ago

Sunday what a wierd launch day I like my friday payday launchs thank you
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