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The names Jesse. I'm currently attending UW Fox Valley, pursuing my Software Engineering Degree. I love fishing and doing things that involve the outdoors. If I'm not doing something outdoors you can most likely find me owning it up on World of Warcraft. I play a Frost DeathKnight named Hagendaz on the realm Argent Dawn. I'm starting a Youtube channel you can check out at I'll be uploading more videos there once I have the time, and footage.

I'm relatively easy going and love to meet new people. Feel free to add me as a friend.

A big inspiration to me is my family!~

My Father (Terry Cashman) is an all American guy; He's honest, treats everybody with respect, very down to earth, extremely smart (goes along with being a jack of all trades!), he always goes the extra mile to help someone out, or just the extra mile to show someone his kindness. I hope to one day have my son be as proud of me as I am of my dad. I love you Dad! :)

My Mom (Stacy Bragg) while I don't see her as much, I knows she loves me. She loves being around me and my family too. I hear I have her laugh, it's uncontrollable. I also hear I get my high cheek bones from my mom. I love you Mom! :)

My Brother, rough on the outside, but sweet hearted; not many get to share seeing this side of him. Though we don't always see eye to eye, he's my brother and always will be. I love you Bud! :)

My GrandMother (Dorothy Cashman) is quite possibly the sweetest lady you'll ever have the pleasure to meet. I can talk to her for hours on end about anything and she listens to me babble on about nonsense. She's a great listener and she's so caring I couldn't in a million years ask for a better GrandMother. She still to this day says Late-ah Gate-ah (Later Gator), I remember as far back I can her saying that then too. I always loved hearing her say it. She thinks the world of me and my brother and that means a lot. I love you Gram! :)

My GrandFather (Kenneth "Snapper" Cashman) is a very hard worker. Having suffered a Heart Attack some years ago, as well as cancer, he's still very active. Mowing his lot with a push-mower he's the most active person I know that's above 75 in age. He's bronze in color from the sun he gets pushing that mower. He's very active within the Trout Unlimited community, and the Elks Club. He's very generous and donates to both places. He's a very good net maker and hope I can learn how to make nets as well as he does too. (They're some of the best quality nets I've ever seen) I love you Gramp! :)

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