Quell follow-up Quell Memento hits PS Vita in April


5 years ago

Loved the first two, glad to see they have done another one. One of the better puzzle games out there, highly recommend picking this up.
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For Ten Dollars More?


8 years ago

An interesting read, but surely the issue isn't 'is the dlc worth $10', but is the dlc worth the difference between buying the product 1st hand vs 2nd hand. At present a new copy of Dragon Age costs 16.99 on Game's website, where as to buy second had is 13.99. Therefore there is a 3 (Cheaper than other dlc quoted) difference for the additional DLC. It is up to a consumer whether to buy the game second hand, saving 3 but forfeiting the additional dlc.

Price differences between MW2 new and MW2 second hand is 5, again cheaper.
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