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"And with the way you've been talking
Every word gets you a step closer to hell' - Panic! At The Disco.

"Gary caught me the other day trying to fit a Bourbon in his wallet but it wouldn't shut" - Eliot

"Sneaky, is that you in the photo cos Ive always wondered what it's like to be a cartoon character" - random XBox Live dude

"D'ya want to taste my lips" - Gary handing a cigarette round the table

"If youv'e got a bad tooth and not eating because of it just eat toothpaste it'll at least do the tooth some good eh? - Forbes

"Have you told Buck about the shelves Beez..?" - Gary refering to our area manager by his sir name... Whilst he was stood right in earshot

"I say..." - Mike when someone takes too long to answer him

"FOOD" - Mike when asked what he wanted in the chipshop

"I'm all for the second-hand smoke, I work in a second-hand shop" - Marcus

"I think I may have secretly flemed on my top.." - Naitch

"Gary is this Clannad!? - Forbes "No...Its Enya..." - Gary

"One of the horse's pulled up and just died" - Gary talking about a grand national horse like somekind of Taxi.

"Yeah Gary, I could learn to do this... You however would still have the same head" - Marcus

"It's ironic that it's called death by chocolate.. Cos it could well kill me" - Will

"Yeah Neil.. I can't have a birthday cake cos I'm Diabetic.." - Will

"Quail? Isn't that an egg?! - Gary referring to the alphabet animal game when we got to 'Q'

"I got told i make good tea..." "By who...?"
..."People who like tea...." - Gary

"Get lost will ya pirchfork.." - Forbes on what Steve Shanley reminds him of.

"You've got have a little sexual movement or you might as well put your penis between a hotdog bap..." - Forbes

"Have you managed to fish for a Scorpion" - Amy

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