Watch yet another mind-blowing Super Mario Maker level conquered


2 years ago

Waste of time blah blah blah comments, so you spend your whole youth mastering the piano or some other shit instead of having fun(fair play if you enjoy it but i dont think anyone does) doing stuff you enjoy all so you get rich or recieve the odd bit of adoration and reap the so called rewards in your adult life, you still gonna die in a very short period of time(71 years really is unfair) and face eternal oblivion(infinite nothingness), the only thing that matters in your own life is how much of it you spent being happy and how little you spent suffering.

Actually the only thing i would consider not a waste of time then would be to hardcore study biology, crack aging and all disease and live forever in bliss without any suffering and never have to face death or any kind of physical/mental pain, Just go explore the unviverse in eternal bliss(or at least until the big freeze which is billions and billions of years off anyway).
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Age of Empires 2 HD Edition announced, will Rome onto Steam next month


5 years ago

Guys you can already play this with widescreen mod in 1080p and use game ranger (free) for multi player which has lots of players online.
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See how Valve predicted the future of PC gaming in 2008


10 years ago

my current card was 69 quid two month's ago , (oc'd hd3850 512mb) and will play any game on max settings at 1680 x 1050 (apart from crysis which it will still play on high shaders at that res).

Graphics cards are now so cheap and powerfull .

The hd4850 will set you back around 120 quid and its an absolute beast of a card (slightly quicker than a 8800gtx)

I could build a beast of a pc for 300 quid (same as a ps3)
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TOCA Race Driver 3


12 years ago

does anyone know if this is two player split screen online?? (like pgr2)
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