Fix incoming for buggy Crysis 2 demo


7 years ago

I see another Activision vs EA lawsuit around the corner. How can a company get away with such a blatant rip-off? Not only is the fact that it's so similar to COD a shame for the game itself, but also a sad indication of the direction gaming is going - chuck out another vanilla FPS shooter with perks and killstreaks and you have a licence to print money, apparently. If this sells like hotcakes then there really is no hope!
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DarkStar One: Broken Alliance


8 years ago

News is that it is out either 18th or 25th June. Kalypso (the publisher) has confirmed both dates to me! PC version was released in 2006, so ignore that. (in my experience the most reliable) has it listed for 25th June and they've confirmed it by email. They're also selling it for around Ł27-ish, so worth a look.

I do know it's confirmed as 17th June in Germany.

You're right though - no-one really seems to know when it's coming out!
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