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Hey hello and welcome to mine eurogamer profile dear eurogamer friends! Mine name is Mehmet Özkan (boy) 29 years old and live in the netherlands... I love to making friends here, chatting with mine friends at Gaia, Facebook, Hyves (dutch), Hi5, and other gaming and nice chat sites about games on mine friend's profiles and PMs dear eurogamer friends cool isn't? I love games named Pokémon (all), Digimon (all, exept part one), Super Mario (all, exept part 2), Final Fantasy (hole series), Lufia, The legend of Zelda (all, exept Majora's mask), Street Fighter (all, exept EX versions), Soulcalibur (all) and Sonic the Hedgehog (all), but other RPG and adventure games I love it either. With lovely greetings from YMO ^_^

=My owned Pokémon games!=
»Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness (gamecube)«
»Pokémon Leafgreen version (GBA)«
»Pokémon Emerald version (GBA)«
»Pokémon Diamond version (NDS)«
»Pokémon Platinum version (NDS)«
»Pokémon Soulsilver version (NDS)«
»Pokémon White version (NDS)«
»Pokémon mystery Dungeon: Explorer of Time (NDS)«
»Pokémon white version 2 (NDS)«

PS: some Pokémon like on gamecube that I play this game on mine Nintendo wii and the GBA (gameboy advence) games I play it on mine classic Nintendo DS (old 'n first version of it), but soon I add the Pokémon white version soon if I have the game in mine house and in my own hands ^_^

=Mine level 100 Pokémons=
»006« Charizard!
»078« Rapidash!
»254« Sceptile!
»257« Blaziken!
»306« Aggron!
»310« Manectric!
»359« Absol!
»373« Salamence!
»392« Infernape!
»448« Lucario!
»523« Zebstrika!

=»Pokémons in training to the level 100«=
»154« Meganium (level 66)!
»181« Ampharos (level 61)!
»248« Tyranitar (level 60)!
»464« Rhyperior (level 60)!
»497« Serperior (level 70)!
»508« Stoutland (level 68)!
»516« Simipour (level 64)!
»555« Darmanitan (level 71)!
»561« Sigilyth (level 89)!
»628« Braviary (level 56)!

=»Questions about me and mine Pokémons?«=
For more pokémon information and team boulding options to learn about. Comment me here at mine profile comment option or if you like private to ask to me, than you can use the PM (private message) option and mine mail at Mehmetozkan9@hotmail.com okay, please leave the cutie comments here dear eurogamer okay and nicely thankies very much for reading mine information at the part of "about me" dear eurogamer.

# My page of my gaming bussiness (facebook): Gaming Galaxy NL (news group)
# My page of my gaming bussiness (twitter): Gaming Galaxy NL

~100% Lucarita26 productions~
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