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Survival Horror and Stylish Hard Action for the win.

If it weren't for the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series, I would have stopped video gaming aeons ago. I'm glad they kept me in there, as I would have missed out on great survival horror series such as Devil May Cry, Project Zero (Fatal Frame), Fear Effect... otherwise.

In the field of survival horror, I'm a true Resident Evil expert. I've played every release to death (barring things like Gun Survivor) and wrote speed run (time attack) guides for them (hosted by gamefaqs.com). You can read my FAQs by clicking the links on this webpage


To give you an idea of my standards, I've managed to complete Resident Evil 4 on PlayStation 2 in 1:52'01" (Normal difficulty, Load Game, no HDLoader). However, that's a standard run - I'm much more proud of my 2:27'38" Pro no Rocket Launchers run as it was far more challenging than a Load Game time attack. Other accomplishments are listed in the FAQs. Sometimes, I like an installment so much that I decide to complete it in a completely different, hardcore way. For example, I've written a FAQ on how to knife all the monsters in Resident Evil 3 (includes all 8 Nemesis forms). Oh, and any self-respecting survival horror player *must* try Invisible mode in the Resident Evil remake on Gamecube at least once - it's awesome. I've also done some crazy stuff for Resident Evil 4, of which you can see some videos on my - Youtube - homepage:


When I have more time, I'll be adding more videos (for other games as well).

Anyway, I could probably say a lot more about the video game side of my life, but that'll do for now. Feel free to talk to me about survival horror or stylish hard action in any and all of its forms. Happy hunting!

PS: A note about my games collection listed here - I have much more titles than this (many interesting PSOne titles for example), but the Eurogamer site doesn't allow for these to be displayed. Oh well.

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